When it comes to planning a wedding, couples are increasingly looking at more ways to cut back on costs and be more eco-friendly. One great way to have an eco-friendly wedding and potentially save hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds is by choosing moissanite bridal jewellery over diamonds. But what is moissanite? How expensive is it? And most importantly does it last and look as good as diamonds? Well today we’re going to answer all you moissanite questions and by the end we’re pretty sure you’ll be won over by this stunning alternative to diamond bridal jewellery.

moissanite bridal jewellery set

What Is Moissanite?

Moissanite is a naturally occurring mineral composed of silicon carbide. It was discovered in 1893 by a French scientist when he found microscopic particles of the mineral in a crater formed by a meteorite. He originally thought he had discovered diamonds in the crater until he further analysed the fragments.

Moissanite in its naturally occurring form is actually incredibly rare so there’s no way that enough would be found to create all the beautiful moissanite bridal jewellery that’s available today. However silicon carbide can be created in a lab which means moissanite can be man-made and cut in a way that enhances the natural sparkle.

Moissanite vs Diamonds

So what are the differences between moissanite and diamonds? Well in terms of appearance and durability there’s actually not that much. But when it comes to the cost and environmental impact, you’ll find a wealth of difference.

Appearance and Durability

Because of its man-made nature and the way it’s cut, moissanite does actually have a brighter shine than diamonds. That means you get those bright rainbow flashes when light hits it with moissanite rather than the white flashes with diamond. When it comes to durability moissanite also really holds up. Diamonds are the hardest known mineral however moissanite comes a close second on the the scale of hardness so moissanite jewellery can withstand every day wear and tear as well as diamond jewellery. It can also be cleaned in the same way you’d clean any other fine jewellery.

Environmental Impact

The cost and the environmental impact is where moissanite really comes into its own though and where it really differs from diamonds. As diamonds have to mined there’s a big argument about the impact the mining has on the environment not to mention that by opting for a diamond bridal jewellery alternative you’ll know exactly where your gems came from and avoid the ethics of conflict trade. Infinity Diamond Jewellery goes one better with their moissanite jewellery too as they ensure all their gold products are made with recycled gold. This means you’ll truly have an eco-friendly wedding!


If cutting back the cost of your wedding is important too then moissanite is dramatically lower in price than diamonds. The price of diamonds is determined by many factors including cut, colour, clarity and shape. Lab-made diamonds are cheaper than natural diamonds but still come up as more expensive than moissanite. The price of moissanite is usually only determined by price and colour meaning that you can save a significant amount of money. As a rough guide you can expect to pay around a tenth of the price of a diamond ring for a moissanite ring.

Choosing A Moissanite Ring

Whether it’s picking out an engagement ring, a wedding ring or a bridal set. Selecting the rings that have so much meaning to them is a big task and a very special one. You know that keeping the cost of your wedding day down whilst still being able to have your dream wedding is at the heart of everything we do here. That’s why we think moissanite bridal jewellery is the perfect choice for your special day. Whether you prefer the look of moissanite with its rainbow sparkle, are looking to reduce costs or want a more eco-friendly wedding then this beautiful gem is the way to go.

At first glance there’s very little setting diamond rings and moissanite rings apart but one thing you will notice is you get more for your money if you opt for moissanite. That’s not to say that big, flashy rings are the way to go. They certainly aren’t for everyone and there’s a lot of beauty in delicate bridal jewellery. So while it is true that you can get much bigger gems for a smaller price point with a moissanite ring, it doesn’t mean that only big, blingy rings are available. There are certainly smaller, daintier rings available to suit everyone’s taste.

There can be a lot of negative expectation around bridal jewellery, especially engagement rings in terms of having to have a certain size diamond or the ring having to cost a certain percentage of a salary and it’s something we absolutely don’t subscribe to at The Thrifty Bride. We love that there seems to be a shift in couples shunning these societal expectations and doing their wedding day their way which often includes making better choices for the environment and drastically cutting costs. And that is really what is at the heart of making the decision to go with a diamond ring alternative. Making a meaningful and much-loved purchase that truly aligns with your core values and beliefs.

What are your thoughts or diamond alternatives? Would you choose moissanite bridal jewellery? Share your thoughts in the comments!


  1. I haven’t heard of this mineral before. I was looking at engagement rings and bridal not that long ago, at what I would like for when me and my partner get engaged. I will have to look at these rings! Thank you for sharing.


  2. The oval cut halo engagement ring is beautiful! You can really get so many different types of jewellery these days which are just as gorgeous but more sustainable so it’s great that there’s so many options 🙂 xx

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