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Our Disney themed wedding invites

Today I thought I would show you our wedding invites. I haven't really posted anything about them before now as I wanted our guests to see them in real life first. Now they've all been handed out I can share them with you. In all honestly our invites are one of my favourite things to date. They look amazing and although they're definitely not your typical wedding invite, they're very us and match our wedding perfectly! 

Disney FastPass wedding invites

What you need to know about giving notice of marriage

What is giving notice of marriage? What's involved in giving notice of marriage? These are questions I've seen a lot whilst planning my own wedding so I figured I'd break it down and do a whole guide to giving notice of marriage because it's actually super important and without it you can't even get married.

What is giving notice of marriage?

February 2020 wedding planning update

It's full steam ahead with wedding planning now and I'm absolutely loving this stage of planning I have to say. Buying all the little things that are going to make our wedding really special and being able to get things we want not just need is great. February was also the month where I finally saw the theme for our wedding reception coming together. For those of you that don't know our wedding reception is going to be themed to the Disney film Up. So here's what happened in February in terms of planning.

The best cheap wedding rings for men

We always think of the brides wedding ring as being the expensive one but the truth is men's wedding rings can be just as expensive. If you're on a small budget it can be hard to find anything past a plain band that is within budget. However there are some great budget friendly wedding ring options out there for men too. We managed to pick my fiance's ring up for £90 and it's something a little bit different too. So here are my top picks for men's wedding rings under £200.

cheap wedding rings for men