25 ways to celebrate your would be wedding day

2020, the year of the postponed wedding. With more and more brides having to move their big day people have started to look for ways they can celebrate on what would have been their wedding day. Well I've saved you some thinking time and I've created a list of 25 ways to celebrate your would be wedding day.

You know I've been trying to find the positives in postponing our wedding and one positive is we now get to have two wedding celebrations which is pretty great! If you're looking for something to do on your would be wedding day then take a look at these 25 ideas.

Fire up the BBQ

If you’re wedding was supposed to be in the summer and the weather allows it why not fire up the BBQ. This is a great little celebration to do just as a couple or with other people if you can. If it's just the two you, you can have a mini celebration and if you can have more people there than it can turn into more of a celebration.

Have a mini ceremony  

Hold a mini ceremony where you say your vows or make up new adapted ones for the day. You can  be as serious or as funny as you want with this. You might want to save your actual vows for your big day but having a practice run with something similar or just making up completely silly ones is a good idea.

Afternoon tea 

A lot of restaurants and cafes have already reopened for takeaways and a lot are offering afternoon teas. Grab a box that’s already been made up for you and indulge in a few sandwiches, lots of cake and a scone. Jam first or cream first?!

Recreate your wedding breakfast 

If you’d already settled on your wedding breakfast options or you know what you’ll be picking why not cook together and recreate your wedding day meal. Chances are it'll be much more relaxed than the real thing so take some time to cook some amazing food together and have a romantic meal for two.

Exchange rings 

Either wear your actual rings for the day or get a little silly and exchange gummy rings or plastic ones. If you're using your actual rings just make sure to look after them and store them away properly after so they're in perfect condition for your special day.

Have a picnic 

Grab the blankets and pack up a feast. You can head to a park or if you feel more comfortable just have a picnic in your garden.

Get the drinks flowing 

No wedding day would be complete without a few drinks so pop the champers and mix up some cocktails. If you're having a signature drink at your wedding or a certain bottle of wine on the tables make sure you add those to your would be wedding day.

Bake a wedding cake 

If you’re pretty good at baking make yourself a wedding cake. Every bride deserves a beautiful cake. It doesn’t have to be as big as your actual wedding cake of course but something simple like a naked cake nicely decorated would be perfect for the day.

Pamper yourselves 

Stock up on some pamper supplies and have a relaxing day with face masks and lots of candles burning. 

Write letters to each other 

Why not write love letters to each other? This day may be a tough one for a lot of people but putting your love for each other down on paper might help.

Dress smart 

Why not recreate your wedding outfits? A nice shirt for the groom and a beautiful dress for the bride. If your celebrations are allowed to have a few people attending then it’s the perfect excuse to get dressed up. Even if you can’t have others there and you want to feel like a bride, I say go for it.

New lounge wear 

Even if you’ve decided to dress up at some point in the day you’re going to want to get into something a little more comfortable. Why not get some new lounge wear? Loads of places are now selling t-shirts and jumpers to honour what should have been your wedding day.

Wear a veil

I’m not actually wearing a veil on my wedding day but you can bet I’ll be wearing one on my would be wedding day. I think it’s a fun little nod to what should have been. And of course my would be wedding day veil is going to have a Disney twist!

Breakfast in bed 

Spend the morning in bed and top it off with a breakfast feast. You could go continental with pastries, meats and cheeses or opt for a full English. You could even recreate a McDonald’s breakfast if you wanted to!

Watch wedding movies 

With a whole host of wedding movies to choose from you’re going to be spoilt for choice. Top picks include Bridesmaids, 27 Dresses, The Hangover, My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Mamma Mia.

Mr and Mrs quiz 

I'm sure you're all familiar with the Mr and Mrs quiz but this could be a great one to play to add some fun to the day. If you're stuck for questions then Hitched has 75 of them for you take a look at!

Decorate the house or garden 

Bring out the bunting and the balloons and decorate away! This is a celebration after all and every special day needs plenty of decorations. If you're allowed to have a little party you can definitely go to town with the decorations and make it feel like a proper party. Even if there's just the two of you though I recommend hanging up a bit of Mr and Mrs bunting and getting a few balloons.

Make a playlist 

Fill your playlist with songs that remind you of your time together and songs that you will be having played on your wedding day.

Exchange wedding gifts 

If you planned on buying each other a little something on your wedding day why not exchange gifts on your would be wedding day too. It doesn’t have to be anything big or expensive, just a little token gesture to make the day feel like it should have done.

Take photos 

You plan on documenting your actual wedding day with lots of photos so you should definitely document your would be wedding day too. We’re a unique set of brides and in years to come you’ll want to look back on this time and remember that you actually got to have two wedding celebrations!

Practice your first dance 

If you’re having a first dance make sure the song makes it on to your playlist so you can have a practice before the real thing.

Look back at photos 

After almost 13 years together it’s safe to say we have a lot of photos! Why not look back at a few moments from your relationship? This would go perfectly with the next point.

Talk about your favourite memories 

From holidays, to how you met, relationship milestones and the future. Spend some time reflecting on your relationship. Your wedding day will be amazing but it’s the marriage that comes after that’s important. You’re not the sum of your cancelled wedding day, your relationship is so much more than that.

Have a night away

OK so this one is more for the brides that have postponed later in the year but if restrictions have been eased there’s every chance you may be able to spend a night away together. Splash out on a luxury night away in a gorgeous hotel and enjoy each other’s company.

Get together with family and friends 

No matter what restrictions are in place, you can always find a way to get together with loved ones whether it’s virtually or in the garden. As I write this 6 people can now spend time together in a garden or other outdoor space. This rule has only been in place for a couple of weeks so no one knows what the rules will be in another couple of weeks. But make sure you connect with your loved ones on your would be wedding day.

How to do plan on celebrating on your would be wedding day? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. These are great! I was part of an online Hen Doo this week and it was great fun and a perfect alternative to the real thing.