4 reasons why we're not having a traditional wedding

I've always known, should the day ever come, that I wouldn't want a traditional wedding. That level of fuss and formality just isn't me at all. When Josh proposed in December I knew he'd feel the exact same way too. When we started planning we both agreed we wanted a small, simple wedding for as little money as possible and without the stuffiness and tradition. There's a lot of things that you'd expect to see at a wedding that aren't happening at ours and here's why.

Our non traditional, small budget wedding

We want our wedding to reflect us

An important factor for us is having a day that reflects us as a couple, what we like and who we are which is why formality and tradition doesn't really fit because it's the opposite of who we are. There'll still be decorations and invites and cake but it'll all be done in a way that we like. Much like I've said before with social media trends, tradition just makes it a bit too cookie cutter and unoriginal and that's not what we're after with our day.

We don't want to spend a lot of money

This is probably the biggest factor of them all we're not flashy kind of people and neither of us can imagine anything worse than spending thousands of pounds on one day. We want the day to be for us and to be special to us and we don't need to spend a lot of money to make that happen. We've said from the start we just want to be married to each other, we don't need all the flashy things that go alongside it. For us being married is about showing our love for each other and money doesn't equal love. When I created The Thrifty Bride I went with a little saying for it "nothing fancy just love" and that perfectly sums up our wedding and how we feel about getting married. The whole reason behind this blog is to show other brides who also think they can't plan a small budget wedding that it is in fact achievable. 

Tradition feels out of date

There are so many wedding traditions that I simply don't understand, when you take a closer look at them it really is all a bit odd! I recently talked about 6 wedding traditions you don't need to stick to and what we'll be doing in the case of each tradition. We both want our day to be fun and fuss free and as simple as possible and adding extra things to it just because tradition says we should isn't for us!

We've been together a long time

When we get married Josh and I will have been together over 12 and a half years,  we've nothing to prove and no one to show off too. We'll be happy just being husband and wife. The way we're looking at it is we shouldn't just do something because that's what other people expect from weddings. I think the length of time we've been together has played a big part in our decision to have a relaxed, non-traditional, budget wedding because we're just so comfortable with each other and know what we both want.

We might sound like absolute wedding Scrooges to some people but in the end we're going to end up with the wedding we want and that's what will make it the perfect day, not tradition and not money but something we want that we've put our heart and soul into and finally becoming Mr and Mrs G. And that's why our wedding will be our dream wedding because we're doing exactly what we want! Our whole day really will be nothing fancy just love!

Are you having a traditional wedding or are you throwing the rule book out of the window too? Let me know in the comments.

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