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The Thrifty Bride is a place for brides planning their perfect day on a small budget. It's for the brides who don't want to thrown thousands of pounds at one day and prefer to DIY their way to their dream wedding. It's for the brides that are shunning tradition, that don't want their day to be about the latest fads and that believe their wedding day should be about love not a fancy ceremony and venue. Here you'll find advice, DIY projects and lots of tips for having a great wedding on small budget.

Who is The Thrifty Bride?

I'm Lauren aka The Thrifty Bride. I got engaged to Josh in December 2018 after 11 years together and like most women I thought I had a clear image in my head about my wedding but the deeper I got into wedding planning the more I realised my original vision was not what I wanted at all. I didn't want to through thousands of pounds at one day I just wanted to marry my best friend. Luckily Josh was on the exact same page too. I've now become passionate about planning a wedding for as little money as possible. I enjoy nothing more than seeing a cute wedding idea and thinking about how I can achieve it for a fraction of the price. Neither of us are big on tradition so that's all gone out of the window and instead we're having a day that truly represents us as a couple and the love we have for each other. Here at The Thrifty Bride we have a simple motto, 'nothing fancy just love' and it's definitely a statement that sums up our own wedding.


If you would like the work with The Thrifty Bride or you just want to chat all things wedding related then please email me at thriftybrideblog@gmail.com

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