I'm back! An honest chat about being a COVID bride

 Well hello, long time no speak. I last published a post on here in September 2020. Before that I'd actually done quite well at maintaining wedding content despite everything that was going on around weddings, lockdowns and postponing our own wedding. Then I disappeared, off here, off my wedding Instagram and for a long time I didn't miss it. But 2021 is the year I'm getting married no matter what and enough excitement and joy for my wedding has been taken from me already and I'm not willing to let anymore go. So I'm back!

I thought I'd come back with an open and honest chat about how it feels to be a COVID bride, to have to postpone your wedding and lose all excitement for what should be the best day of your life. So many of you will be in the same position as me so I know I won't be the only one that's gone through all of these emotions.

Back in March when the U.K. went into its first lockdown I was still confident that our wedding would go ahead, I don't think at that point anyone could have predicted what things would have been like, that we'd basically lose the entirety of 2020. The longer things went on, it became quite apparent that we wouldn't get the wedding day we'd planned, if any wedding day at all. That's why in the middle of May we chose to postpone our day for a year, in the hopes we'd get the day we'd planned and dreamed of.

I felt really happy about our decision to postpone, a weight had been lifted. From postponing to our new wedding date there was 17 months. Surely that was enough time for things to be better, to get at least some of what we'd planned. I was less than three months away from getting married when we postponed which means everything was pretty much done for the wedding. I'd spent just over a year planning our perfect day, everything revolved around the excitement I had for 1st August 2020. Planning a wedding is seriously exciting and it does take up a lot of your life. I'd absolutely adored wedding planning and suddenly I had nothing left to do. Our wedding was almost a year and a half in the future and I had nothing to plan for it. I'd gone from full on wedding planning to nothing in 24 hours.

I remained really optimistic for a long time, I can't pin point what made me move away from all things wedding related. It was a combination of things I think. Weddings weren't even been acknowledged by the government and it's actually only recently that anything has really been mentioned about weddings and when they can be expected to return to normal. I saw people talking about just doing the legal stuff then having a 'proper' wedding when they could and that hurt because suddenly registry offices were shot into the spotlight as last resort options when our original plan had been to get married at a registry office all along. Our original plans for a small wedding with no extra evening guests and having the ceremony at a registry office became peoples make do option until they could have a bigger wedding. I'm not going to lie I did really struggle with that. Like our wedding meant less.

So I backed off, there was nothing to be excited about, nothing to plan and suddenly I wasn't quite as optimistic that we'd get the wedding day we wanted. When I think back to when I started The Thrifty Bride it breaks my heart how excited I was for our wedding because I won't ever get that back, that joy has been robbed from me and thousands of other couples. I don't know what our wedding will look like in August and I just cannot let myself get excited about things that might not happen. But we've made the decision that we will be getting married. We've been together 13 years and I've waited a long time for my wedding day. So I've decided to come back, back to the blog with wedding related content and back to Instagram with my own wedding journey because I won't ever get this time back and enough joy and excitement has been taken away from me already.

Who knows what my wedding day will look like in August, every part of me hopes that we get pretty close to the day we had planned. Being a COVID bride sucks, there's no two ways about it. No ones wedding day should be overshadowed by sadness, doubt and worry but it's where I've found myself and many other brides have too.

I hope 2021 is a much better year for weddings. That we all get the wedding we wanted and that things are brighter and happy than they were last year.

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