Dear 2021 brides

 Dear 2021 brides,

You're going to start seeing people postponing their weddings. They're probably going to come thick and fast but this is me begging you not to panic. Especially if you're a former 2020 bride like me and you've already postponed once. If you're set on getting married this year like I am then it's going to feel like a bit of a kick. So this is a remainder to myself and to you that just because you're seeing people postponing their 2021 weddings already doesn't mean to say your day won't be special.

I know people have their reasons for postponing, especially if they haven't already postponed before, I've been there. But this is a message to you lovely ladies that are choosing to go ahead with their weddings this year. Please try and enjoy your journey, please try and feel excited. I'm right there with you swimming against the tide of postponements and doubt and trying to get the excitement for my wedding day back.

There's no doubt things are going to be tough for a while, it might seem like we're repeating 2020 all over again. But I have every faith that things will get better. That weddings will be back. We have a lot to learn from the incredible couples that pulled off weddings last year, that flipped their plans upside down, that arranged a wedding day in a matter of weeks, that showed love isn't cancelled.

If you're choosing to go ahead with your wedding this year, regardless of what it will look like. Regardless of it being completely different to your original wedding plans then good for you! Good for you for having a light in these dark times, for wanting to capture a little bit of joy and hold on to. For knowing that the love you have for your partner is all you need to get you through.

Weddings are special, meaningful life events and they've been ignored, changed and the entire industry has been beaten down. Almost in a way that no other industry has. But let 2021 be the year of love, happiness and a light at the end of a very long and dark journey. Fill the world with something positive because love will always win.

That's why I'm back on here, to bring back the wedding content and showcase some stunning 2020 weddings and hopefully some 2021 weddings too. To show you how beautiful and special weddings still are.

2021 brides, your day will be amazing. Just remember that. Enjoy this time in the way it should be enjoyed and I can't wait to see all of your weddings!

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