12 ways to celebrate Valentine's Day in lockdown

 Valentine's Day. The day of love. You get dressed up, head out to a fancy restaurant, sip cocktails and wine and head home, perhaps a little merry, to carry on the romance. But wait this is 2021 we're in a lockdown and the old ways of celebrating Valentine's Day are gone. Whether you love or hate this day of love this year might just be the year where you want to make a little more effort. After all there's not much else to do is there? Finding joy and happiness where we can is super important right now.

Welcome to Valentine's Day in lockdown!

How to celebrate Valentine's Day in lockdown

While many of us can agree that Valentine's Day is definitely commercialised and we shouldn't just dedicate one day a year to showing our partners that we love them. I think we can also all agree that we need something fun and light hearted to look forward to right now and Valentine's Day could be the answer! This year is the year to go all out and make it a Valentine's Day to remember. Here are 12 ways to celebrate Valentine's Day at home while we're in lockdown.

Breakfast in bed

Start your day off right with a good breakfast. Valentine's Day lands on a Sunday this year which is absolutely perfect for having a long, slow, lazy day together. Indulge in your favourite breakfast, whether it's pancakes, a full English or a recreation of a McDonald's muffin. Today is not the day for rushed slice of toast in front of the TV. Take your wonderful breakfast back to bed or sit at the table and just enjoy each other's company over some seriously delicious food.

Ways to celebrate Valentine's Day at home

Decorate the place

OK so this one is a little cheesy but I did say that this year was the year for going over the top! Grab some heart shaped balloons, candles, confetti balloons, fairy lights and whatever else you can think of and transform your home into the ultimate Valentine's nest! You can pick up decorations for super cheap from eBay and it takes no effort at all the blow up a few balloons and string some bunting up.

How to celebrate Valentine's Day at home

Exchange gifts

If traditional Valentine's Day gifts aren't your thing then you definitely don't have to go down that route. If we're being totally honest a lot of Valentine's stuff is overpriced and a little bit rubbish. Chances are your partner really doesn't want a personalised wallet insert or a love quote keyring so pick something they'll actually enjoy. Whether it's making them something edible, buying them a book they've been after or creating something you can enjoy together such as a date night jar or a make your own gin set.

Ways to spend Valentine's Day at home

Go to the spa

While a trip to the spa is off the cards right now there's nothing to stop you from transforming your bathroom into a makeshift spa. Dot candles around the place and stock up on some pampering products. Think luxurious bath oils, facemasks and scrubs. You might even want to up the intimacy levels with a massage too. Having a good pamper sessions is a great way to feel a bit better about yourself too. Chances are we've all being feeling like a bit of a potato recently and not at our most attractive. Taking some time out together to feel good is just what's needed.

Cheap at home Valentine's Day ideas

Go on a treasure hunt

If you're looking for a way to make your gift giving a bit more fun then you could always set up a treasure hunt for your partner. Leave clues and little gifts around the house and send your partner on their way. You could either do a treasure hunt that leads to lots of little gifts, one that leads to a big gift at the end or a mix. You could even do one that leads to the kitchen with a romantic candle lit dinner. Josh did a treasure hunt for me right at the start of our relationship and I still think about it now because it's such a fun thing to do.

Fun Valentine's date ideas

Bake something sweet

Valentine's Day is made for sweet treats and while there's an abundance of delicious desserts out there you can buy there's nothing quite like making something together. Think indulgent brownies, decadent truffles, mouth-watering strawberries dipped in chocolate. Whatever level your baking skills are at there's something out there you'll be able to make. It's just about spending some time together doing something fun and the fact there's delicious food at the end of it is a bonus!

Cheap Valentine's date ideas

Get dressed up

Hands up if you've been living in loungewear and pyjama's for the last year? While being comfortable is great it's probably not the sexiest look right? I know I haven't been feeling the best about myself because my wardrobe currently consists of kid proof work clothes and pjs. My hair is always scraped up and there's little to no makeup going on. While it's amazing that you can be happy and comfortable as you are around your partner sometimes it's really nice to make an effort. Do it for yourself too, if nice hair and a little bit of makeup boosts your confidence then go for it! So get yourselves dressed up for your at home Valentine's date just like you would if you were going out. 

Romantic Valentine's date ideas at home

Start a scrapbook

Anyone else guilty of having thousands of photos and not doing anything else with them? Why not start a new little project together? A scrapbook can be a lovely thing to work on whenever you have a spare moment and it's something you can look back on. Supplies for scrapbooking don't have to be expensive and you can pick lots of nice things up from eBay and Amazon. Photo's are also really cheap to print off and can be easily done online if you don't have your own good quality printer. Spending some time on Valentine's Day looking back at some fun memories from your relationship is sure to make your both really happy!

At home Valentine's Day ideas

Set the mood

One of the easiest things you can do at home this Valentine's Day is to set the romantic mood. Think fairy lights and candles for that cosy but romantic feel. I love soft lighting everywhere because it just makes everything feel nicer doesn't it? If you can't go out for that candlelit dinner then do at home, and then some. Think candles in the bath and on the kitchen table, fairy lights in the living room and let's be honest, a few candles in the bedroom probably won't hurt either!

How to celebrate Valentine's Day in lockdown

Write a love letter

Writing a love letter is one of the most personal things you could do this Valentine's Day. It's from the heart and in your own words rather than something that's been printed on a card. If you're not big on gifts or you're not wanting to spend a lot on Valentine's then a love letter is the perfect option to show your love. It's super romantic, free to do and will probably mean more to your partner than any gift.

Lockdown Valentine's Day

Cook your favourite meal

Food just has to play a big part in your lockdown Valentine's plans right? Whether you choose to surprise your partner with a delicious and romantic meal or you decide to cook something together make sure you treat it as though you're eating out at restaurant. Set the table, have a nice bottle of wine and take some time to enjoy a meal together away from the TV and your phones. Go all out with 3 courses and pretend you're at your favourite restaurant, you could even try recreating some of the dishes from your favourite place.

At home Valentine's Day ideas

Make cocktails

What better way to end a romantic Valentine's Day at home than with mixing up your own cocktails?! From pink gin delights to porn star martini's, there's a loads of Valentine's cocktails you could mix up to wind down your day of romance. Sit back and relax with a drink in your hand after a successful at home Valentine's Day date. A cocktail making kit could even be a gift idea as an activity you can enjoy doing together.

How to celebrate Valentine's Day at home

I honestly don't think Josh and I have gone all out for Valentine's Day for around 10 years. When you've been together a long time it can be easy to get comfortable and, dare I say it, not make as much effort. We've been together 13 years now so I think it's time to throw it back to how we used to celebrate Valentine's Day in our first few years together! 

Do you have any at home Valentine's Day plans for this year? Let me know in the comments!

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