5 amazing benefits of antique wedding jewellery

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As more people think about planning sustainable and environmentally friendly weddings, one thing that may not have crossed your mind is the benefits of buying antique wedding jewellery. We all know about bio-degradable confetti, creating less wedding waste and not contributing to plastic waste with unnecessary flip flop baskets but just how can your jewellery choices make your wedding more sustainable?

Finding the right piece 

From wedding rings to earrings and necklaces, the jewellery we wear on our wedding day should be extra special. By choosing antique jewellery from reputable and trusted jewellers you’re guaranteed to find beautiful pieces of jewellery to complete your wedding look. Carus Jewellery is a lovely antique jewellery store founded in 2012. The owners have over 25 years of experience in antique jewellery so you know you’re in safe hands! 

It’s sustainable 

Mining gemstones and precious metals uses a lot of resources. Team this with the mass production of modern day jewellery and it’s actually pretty bad for the environment. By opting for antique jewellery you’re not contributing to this process. Rather than being a consumer you’re actually preserving a piece of jewellery, reusing it and making a more sustainable choice for your wedding day. By purchasing antique jewellery you’re buying from a jeweller who has totally cut out the production process. For an added bonus point too, antique jewellers tend to be small business rather than large high street corporations which means you’ll be supporting a small business too! 

Unique jewellery 

By choosing antique jewellery it’ll set your bridal look apart from others and give you a truly unique look. Modern jewellery is mass produced so older pieces are often much more unique in their look as they weren’t mass produced. Not only that but you’ll achieve and elegant and timeless bridal look that won’t date. You’ll be safe in the knowledge that when you look back at your wedding photos in years to come that your look will still be classy and elegant. Simple but beautiful pieces like a pair of pearl stud earrings are the perfect complimentary piece to your wedding day look. 

There’s a story to each piece 

Antique jewellery has a story, a rich history that you will become part of. I don’t know about you but I find that idea quite exciting and a little romantic! To be wearing something that has lasted for so many years is truly special. You never know how many beautiful brides may have worn that piece of jewellery before you! 

Creating a new family tradition 

How lovely would it be to invest in antique jewellery and create a new family tradition at the same time?! Passing jewellery on to daughters or nieces is already a popular choice and often forms part of the something old wedding tradition. By passing your wedding jewellery on, not only are you continuing the chain of sustainability but providing a family member with special memories too. 

What are your thoughts on antique jewellery? Would you consider wearing antique jewellery at your wedding? Let me know in the comments!

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