01.08.20 Our would-be wedding day

Well I should have been writing this blog post as the new Mrs Gill now but instead I'm still just the future Mrs Gill for now as like many other 2020 bride coronavirus ruined our wedding. Instead of saying our vows on 1st August 2020 we celebrated what should have been instead. So here's to our would-be wedding day.

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We actually started the celebrations a day early because we wanted to go out to our favourite little place for lunch but they're currently not open at the weekend. So we started our would-be wedding day celebrations on the Friday. Lunch was beautiful but we knew it would be! We headed to a lovely little cafe that's in our village that we've missed loads during the lockdown. I finished lunch off with a huge jam and cream scone too. Because it was such a hot day we decided to head to the pub for a couple of drinks after as well.

The next day on what should have been our wedding day we just kept things really quiet and simple. I of course wore my Disney veil all day along with my Disney bride-to-be t-shirt. We decided to use a sample bag of confetti I'd got then we sipped on our favourite drink, Asti. Josh also bought me a gorgeous bunch of lilies. They smell incredible.

In the evening we headed over to Josh's mum for some celebratory drinks where more confetti was involved. She also got us a beautiful card, two cupcakes and a bottle of champagne. It was a lovely evening but then I did end up drinking slightly too much and really paid for it the next day. There's definitely a lesson to be learnt there because I cannot get that drunk on our actual wedding day haha.

We kept things really simple but we had a lovely couple of days. Very us. It wasn't what it should have been but now it's out of the way I can forget about that date and start to look forward to our new wedding date instead. 

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