How to stay on budget when postponing your wedding

Sticking to a wedding budget is hard at the best of times but when you’re a small budget bride there’s even less wiggle room. So when you have to postpone your wedding just how do you stick to your budget?

How to stay on budget when you've postponed your wedding

Many 2020 brides have had to postpone their wedding thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic some may have been weeks away from their original wedding date, some may have been months away but what we all have in common is extra costs now we’ve postponed. So if you’ve already postponed or you’re thinking about it, here’s how you can stick to your original wedding budget.

Opt for a weekday wedding

Weekday weddings are much cheaper than Saturday weddings, while they’re not to everyone’s liking by switching to a weekday you could recuperate some money if your venue is looking to charge you their 2021 prices. Some venues will be more lenient but other will look at charging you next years prices. If they absolutely won’t budge on this then switching to a weekday could save you hundreds. I would recommend really fighting against the price increases first though.

Go out of season

If the month of your wedding doesn’t have a special meaning to you pick a month that’s not in peak wedding season. May-October is generally considered to be peak wedding season with July and August being the most popular months. Peak season also means peak prices because venues know demand will be high. Pick a month between November-April for your new wedding date and you’ll save yourself some cash.

Take stock of your budget

Extra time does mean you have more time to save for your big day, however just because that option is there don’t feel any pressure to spend more money if you don’t want.

I’m always open about my budget, we settled on spending £4,000 on the wedding when we first started planning last year. We’ve decided just because we have an extra year to wait we won’t be increasing our budget. We were under budget at the point we postponed any way so it’s not necessary for us.

Take stock of what you’ve spent so far, note down anything you have left to book or buy with rough prices if you don’t know the exact amount. When you’ve done that see where your budget is at then you’ll have a good idea of what you’ve got left or where you may need to make cutbacks.

Re-sending invites

Now what you do about your wedding stationary is obviously your choice but if you’re already coming close to your maximum budget then you might want to consider what you’ll be about re-sending invites. We’d already sent out invites back in February, now for us all the information on the invites apart from the date is still the same so we’re going to send out digital change of dates just letting our guests know to keep hold of their original invites and what our new date is. Because our new date is 15 months away we’re going to send out reminders next year around February time just providing the basic details again. These will be posted out but we’ll be designing them ourselves to save money.

Wedding extras

The temptation to book lots of extras because you’re feeling down about postponing can be strong but if you don’t have the money in your budget it’s not necessary to book anything else. If there’s room in the budget though or you’ve managed to save money somewhere else give yourself a few weeks to think things over before booking anything. Don’t be impulsive when you’re upset.

Sticking to a budget when postponing your wedding is possible. Just remember it’s about you and your partner getting married at the end of the day. If you’re happy with your budget you don’t have to increase it just because you have more time. And if you have to make cutbacks I hope this post has given you some ideas on how to do that.

How are you doing with sticking to your wedding budget? Do you have any advice on cutbacks other brides could make? Leave a comment below!

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