The best wedding food inspiration - grazing tables

More and more couples are breaking away from tradition when it comes to weddings and what better place to get a little more creative than with wedding food! The whole formal sit down meal with a top table certainly isn't for me and I know a lot of brides are ditching the formality and opting for a more relaxed vibe. That's where grazing tables come in. They look amazing, they're packed with fabulous nibbles and they're bound to get your guests talking!

wedding grazing tables

The beauty of grazing tables is you can have anything you want on them from crackers, cheese and meat to BBQ food and even desserts. The possibilities for creating an eye-catching grazing table display are endless. Here are some fabulous grazing tables to get inspiration from if you're looking for an alternative food option at your wedding. 

Rustic wedding grazing table

Autumn wedding grazing table
Image found at Martha Stewart Weddings

Image found at Hitched

Charcuterie wedding grazing table
Image found at One Fab Day

Image found at The Wedding Hacker

wedding grazing table
Image found at Rock My Wedding

BBQ grazing table
Image found at Events by Farrah

Image found at Brilliant Bridal

Dessert grazing table
Image found at Hitched

Image found at Hitched

Colourful grazing table
 Image found at One Fab Day

Image found at Hitched

What do you think to grazing tables at weddings? Would you have one at your wedding? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. This is a great post! Grazing tables at weddings are great! We had one at our frugal wedding. I was nice and casual, and allowed people to be more relaxed and socialise more.

  2. These are all so good! I would love a grazing table, the cake always look so good when near a table full of food haha x