Our adventure has been postponed

Well here's the post I never imagined I'd have to write when I started this blog almost a year ago. I am a 2020 bride no more. We've taken the decision to postpone our wedding.

The 1st August 2020 has been our wedding date for 14 months. Being a 2020 bride had such a nice feel to it. But here I am, a 2020 bride no more. If you follow me on Instagram then you'll know all too well how stressed I've been over the last few days but I'm happy to report we have a new date all booked and confirmed now! The countdown has begun once again this time to 21st August 2021.

Why we decided to postpone

Like any couple who decide to postpone, it wasn't a decision that was very easy. However the pros to postponing far outweighed the cons and that made the decision much simpler. We knew we'd be getting a phone call from the registry office to discuss our options. Our council website had said for a few weeks that weddings up to the end of June had been cancelled and anyone with a wedding between then and October 1st would be contacted to discuss options. So we were safe in the knowledge that our wedding hadn't been cancelled but we would be receiving a call.

I think like many people though Sunday's less than clear announcement followed by more detail on Monday is what really swayed it for me. I work in a school and to find out that the government is perfectly happy to send me back to work with other peoples kids all while I can't even see my own family seemed well and truly crazy to be. With the planned timescale of things reopening as well I just couldn't see that wedding we'd planned would happen as we wanted it to.

Now I will say that at the moment I do honestly think August weddings will go ahead but with big restrictions in place, I don't think receptions will take place though. I, of course, could be wrong. I'm certainly not an expert and that's just my opinion at this time.

We actually received the phone call from the registry office late Monday afternoon. I asked if I could get back in touch with them so my fiance and I could have a proper conversation. For me at that point I felt like postponing was the only option that would make us happy. All the excitement of the wedding had gone and I just couldn't see us getting the wedding we really wanted. I'd rather wait a year and get the full and proper wedding experience we want.

Why we've postponed by a whole year (and a bit)

August doesn't have a particularly special meaning to us but I wanted a summer wedding because of my job. I did briefly consider postponing until the back end of this year but we weren't able to get the logistics of the day right for any of the dates we could've done this year. Now please don't worry if you're still holding out for your 2020 wedding because postponing is a very personal choice but I no longer felt comfortable with a 2020 date either. So we've pushed the wedding back a whole year from 1st August 2020 to 21st August 2021.

Was postponing a hard job?

Yes and no. It was hard in that we have our ceremony and reception to two different places and neither of them can be contacted by phone right now. Finding a date everyone could do when we could only email the reception venue (and the woman in charge of sorting it wasn't working at all on Tuesday) and email the registry office to request a phone call from them was hard. Initially we came up with three dates and contacted all of our suppliers with those three dates. All but one supplier could make the three new dates we had in mind. When the reception venue finally got in touch though they couldn't do any of those date so it was back to the drawing board with two dates they'd provided us with. We picked our preferred one and asked the reception venue to pencil us in until we'd confirmed. We then got back to all of our suppliers with the new date and luckily they could all do that date too apart from the one that had previously dropped out. We then requested a phone call from the registry office and as luck would have it that date was available at the time we wanted too so we confirmed with them, then the reception venue and then all the suppliers! I am so grateful that our suppliers have been so accommodating throughout this.

Have we lost any money?

You know I've always been open and honest about our budget. Having such a small budget and facing postponement was a bit of a worry because we've not got that much left. Thankfully the only thing we're having to pay for again is the notice of marriage so I'll take that! Our cake maker was the one supplier that dropped out and she even refunded the deposit which she didn't have to do. Thankfully we'd not order too much stuff with the date on either. The wonderful company that made our ring box is sending out a new cardboard insert for inside the lid with our new date on and some vinyls I had made are been re-done too. Both of these have been super cheap to replace though!

What's next?

Well we've gone from been 2.5 months away from our wedding to 14 months away which is a little bit sad but now I've got time to feel excited about the wedding again. As we were so close to our first date there's actually very little left to do for the wedding apart from a few DIY projects but we probably won't start those until next year now. So wedding wise there's actually very little for us to do. We do need to send invites out again but that won't be until next year either. We do plan on celebrating what should have been our wedding date this year but what we do will depend on what rules and restrictions are in place at that time.

I'm honestly just relieved that I get to actually enjoy the run up to the wedding again though. That I'll get to have a hen party and we'll have the wedding day we truly want. It also means this blog and my Instagram will be around even longer which I'm super excited about. I'd  planned to try and keep both of them going after my own wedding but now I have another 14 months of content to make before we're even on to my own day! It's hopefully going to give me chance to make The Thrifty Bride something really special. It also gives me another 14 months to buy anything and everything with the word 'bride' on it and I can't decide if that's a good or bad thing.

So whether you've postponed like us or you're still holding on to your 2020 date both choices are very personal and you just have to remember to do what feels right for you  and your partner.

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