How to easily postpone a wedding

2020 - the year of postponed weddings. With the outbreak of Coronavirus many brides-to-be have found themselves doing something they never dreamed they'd have to do - postponing their wedding. After years of planning and saving it's the last thing any couple wants to do but more and more people are having to make that tough decision each day. So how do you postpone a wedding?

How to postpone a wedding

I'm not going to lie and say that postponing as an easy choice or a stress free process but with the right plan in place you can make it easier on yourself. If you've seen my post from last week then you'll know that we've postponed our wedding. Some couples have had to postpone simply because weddings aren't going ahead right now, others have taken the decision to postpone themselves from not knowing what weddings will look like over the coming months or loss of enjoyment in the run up to the wedding. I know many others are still contemplating what to do, so for those of you who are worried about the process of postponing I hope this guide helps you through it and shows you how to easily postpone a wedding.

Keep a level head

I know postponing your dream day is extremely upsetting but you won't achieve much if you're feeling upset. You are going to stress out, you might as well accept that now but when and where you can, take a moment to collect yourself and focus on the task at hand. Have a cry, get it out of your system then pull up your big girl pants and get on with rearranging the best day of your life! I cry at everything but I actually remained tear free for postponing mainly because the decision was entirely ours, we weren't told we had to do it. I'd also been preparing myself for that situation for a few months. When you make that decision yourself it's much easier to deal with as it's not come as a shock. That's another reason we decided to postpone because if we'd held on the decision and control might have been taken out of our hands. 

Select multiple new dates

When it comes to thinking about when you'd like your new wedding date to be it's best to select multiple new dates that would work for you. If your venue is very popular you're going to have to seriously think about a week day wedding too. Being practical, a lot of popular venues will already be booked by brides originally planning to get married at the end of this year or anytime next year, add to that the sheer amount of people that are postponing and the likelihood of a weekend wedding decreases. We started with three potential new dates and the date we've ended up with isn't any of those three because our reception venue didn't have that many dates left. You are going to have to be a little flexible when it comes to postponing. 

Create an order of importance

I love a good list but making lists will help you set things out more clearly. Write down who you need to contact in regards to postponing in order of importance. For example my list was registry office and reception venue on joint top spot, photographer, car, cake maker, DJ, photo booth and confetti. After that it's time to start sending those emails or making phone calls. My fiance and I split the list between us to make things easier and quicker. Our number one priority was getting the registry office and reception venue to match up date wise seen as our ceremony and reception venue are in two different places. 

Go to each person/company on your list with your list of potential new dates and check availability. Where possible see if they can pencil you in for you to confirm the date once your venue is confirmed. Personally I think the venue should take priority so you need a date confirming with them before you can confirm one with your suppliers. We emailed the reception venue and all of our suppliers with our list of potential new dates, all the suppliers apart from the cake maker could make our new dates so then it was a case of waiting for the reception venue. When they got in touch they couldn't do any of the dates we'd sent them but they did send us a couple of options that were close to the dates we'd chosen. We picked one and asked them to pencil us in which they did. We then went back to all of our suppliers with this new date and again all of them but the cake maker could do this date. Then it was on to the registry office, luckily they phoned me pretty quickly after I'd emailed (due to how busy they are, they aren't accepting phone calls at the moment). They confirmed the new date we'd picked was available and booked us in. We then went back to each supplier and the reception venue and confirmed our new date with them.

It's a lot of going back and forth but there's no easy way around it. Setting out this list is the simplest way to do and by getting and idea of availability from everyone you know what you have to play with.

Make a list of dated items

If you've purchased any dated items make a list of what will need replacing. Luckily we hadn't bought too much stuff with the date on so it hasn't been too bad. Our ring box was the most expensive thing that was dated but luckily the lovely lady who made it has been offering replacement inserts for a really small amount. It's worth checking out what companies are offering as you may not need to replace the whole thing. 

Tell your guests

Obviously you're going to need to tell your guests that your wedding date has changed. We simply made an announcement on Facebook to start with telling guests we'd postponed, then a second one with our new date. We'd already sent out our invites which is a bit gutting as I loved them but it's a bit of a waste of money to send invites again. As our new date is now 15 months away we're going to send out a digital change of date informing guests that all the information on their invites (aside from the date) still stands and then next year we're going to design a simple invite just as a gentle reminder to guests to RSVP, these will be posted out just so we have a new piece of stationary for our new date and a physical invite for guests. 

If you've had to postpone or your considering it, I know it's a really difficult decision. Only you and your partner know what the best thing to do is. Just remember though that your wedding day will happen and it will be beautiful. 

I hope you've found this helpful and that it eases the postponing stress a little bit.

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