All the positives we've found from postponing our wedding

No couple ever imagined when they started planning their big day that they would have to postpone their wedding because of a global pandemic. But that's what's happened to a lot of 2020 couples, us included. I've flipped a negative situation on it's head though and I've actually found a lot of positive things that have come from postponing the wedding.

Making the decision to postpone our wedding with just over two months to go until the big day wasn't an easy decision but it felt completely right for us and gave us a chance to take back a little bit of control. Postponing is tough because you're having to delay the day you've worked and saved for and dreamed about for years. But it doesn't have to be completely negative. A big indication that postponing was the right decision for us was that there were far more positives than negatives. I've decided to share all the positives we've found in the hopes that if you've had to postpone too, it makes you feel a little better. 

I can feel excited again

Unsurprisingly with all the uncertainty hanging over our heads I'd lost all the excitement. With just over two months to go I should have being feeling so excited and happy but all of that disappeared around the start of March. I couldn't feel excited for the wedding when I had no idea if it was going to happen or not. The longer things went on, the worse I felt about the wedding. With no clear guidance from the government and the information from our registry office regularly changing all I felt was stress and anxiety. Aside from a few little blips here and there I've loved wedding planning so feeling like this was an alien concept to me. I didn't want that enjoyable experience to be overshadowed with negativity. Now I have another 15 months to feel all that excitement again and I'm incredibly grateful that the run up to my wedding will be a happy time again.

Another year of The Thrifty Bride

This little place on the internet and my Instagram are almost a year old. I never dreamed that my Instagram account would grow like it has and I can't believe so many people want to share my wedding journey with me. There are so many wonderful ladies on there, some of who I talk to almost daily and they've become such a big part of my wedding planning journey. Setting this blog and Instagram up are two of the best things I've ever done. It was always my intention to keep The Thrifty Bride going after my own wedding if I could because I've always wanted this place to be about more than just my own wedding. 

I love writing advice posts and showing that a small budget wedding can be just as beautiful as an average or large budget wedding. I can't tell you how much happiness it brings me when people message me to tell me that my account gives them so much inspiration or that they can't believe the kind of wedding I'm having for such a small budget. I've always wanted to build The Thrifty Bride up into something special and now I have even more time to work on that. It's hard juggling blogging with a job too especially seen as this isn't my only blog. But I have big dreams for The Thrifty Bride and I know that hard work is the only thing that will get me there. I now have another entire year to focus on my own wedding content and advice style posts before we even get to my big day!

Wedding extras

We'd pretty much got everything sorted for the wedding when we decided to postpone. There are a couple of DIY projects that we hadn't started which we will now do next year. Aside from that though there wasn't really anything left to do. As you know we have a very small budget and I was quite conscious of the fact that postponing would shatter our budget. I sat down with my wedding budget spreadsheet though and updated it then made a note of all the things we have left to buy with rough prices for those and I was shocked to discover just how much of our budget was remaining. Not to blow my own trumpet but I think I've done pretty bloody good when it comes to our budget!

Anyway, I quickly went from saying we didn't need any extras just because we'd postponed to seriously discussing one pretty big extra. I don't want to reveal what it is in case any guests see this as I want it to be a complete surprise. If you follow me on Instagram though quite a few of you will know what I'm talking about. We met this extra at a wedding fayre last year and loved the idea back then but brushed it off as being too close to the wedding to start booking other things. However my fiance really loves this idea and was on board with booking it even more than me now we have an extra 15 months. It's a really cool extra and the best thing is if we book it we'll still be under budget!

A chance to have to day we've planned

Of course another big factor in deciding to postpone was that it was looking increasingly unlikely that we'd have to day we'd planned. I held out and hoped that the lockdown roadmap announcement would provide a little clarity but the breaking point came when there was none and the annoucement on the whole was fumbled and confusing. The very next day when the 50 page document was released is when we decided to postpone. As of yet there still hasn't been any announcement on being able to see family and friends beyond the whole you can meet one other person in a park at a 2m distance. No one has any idea what the next few months will look like but I strongly believe that if our 2020 wedding had been allowed then there'll be lots of restrictions in place and a very high possibility of no wedding receptions being allowed. I couldn't live with the idea of not having the wedding we'd planned, we're only have a small wedding anyway and I didn't want to compromise on it.

Also we'll also get all the extras now we've postponed like a hen do. Again I didn't have a big hen do planned but it was supposed to be in June and I was having an afternoon tea so that would have been cancelled. I also had a spa day planned and again that wouldn't have gone ahead either. I know these things aren't important in the grand scheme of things but I only plan on doing this once and I want to have the opportunity to do everything I had planned.

Closer to our honeymoon

It was always our plan to go on our honeymoon in 2022. I've spoke about our honeymoon plans before but there are many reasons why we decided to have it two years after the wedding. The main factor being that while our wedding is on a small budget, the honeymoon most certainly isn't! So we wanted as much time as possible to save and have the honeymoon we really want. Now we're getting married in 2021 we won't have two years to wait, there'll only be a year between our wedding and the honeymoon. We also realised the other day that we'll be on our honeymoon when it's our first wedding anniversary which is pretty amazing!

So there you have it, as you can see I've actually found the whole postponement thing to be quite positive. Of course I'm sad that our wedding isn't in 2 months time but it's still going ahead and with all of these positive things it's much easier not to feel too sad.

If you've had to postpone your wedding have you found any positives? Let me know in the comments.

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