Our Disney themed wedding invites

Today I thought I would show you our wedding invites. I haven't really posted anything about them before now as I wanted our guests to see them in real life first. Now they've all been handed out I can share them with you. In all honestly our invites are one of my favourite things to date. They look amazing and although they're definitely not your typical wedding invite, they're very us and match our wedding perfectly! 

Disney FastPass wedding invites

Obviously some details have been blanked out in some of the photos which is why the invites won't read correctly! Our invites are a mix of DIY and bought. Only having a small number of guests really helped to keep the cost down as we only needed to send out 20 invites but by designing some elements ourselves we cut the cost even further! Each invite only cost around £1.70 and we definitely could have cut the cost more if we'd gone for something simpler and cut things out such as the envelope stickers but by keeping the cost low it did allow us to have some nice extra details which I was very please about. 

The invites

When I came across the Disney FastPass invites on Etsy I fell in love, we'd already settled on a Disney Up theme at that point and they felt like the perfect way to really showcase that. When I showed them to my fiance he was really keen to have them too. As the invites are only small they were really inexpensive (£5 per pack of ten) we knew we'd be able to fit all the basic details on so we settled on having those. We went with Wedding Cards Store on Etsy for our invites. Josh made an exact mock-up of what we wanted and they printed them. They are very small though and we knew we'd need something to make them stand out as they'd look super lost inside and envelope and we knew we'd need some extra details cards too. 

The background mount

We settled on designing our own background mount for the invites to neatly slot into, further showcasing our theme and making the invites stand out more. By having a background mount it made the invites the same size as the details cards too so they wouldn't look lost and would fill out an envelope properly. Josh designed the mounts and we just had them printed as matte photos from Photobox. Josh used an exacto craft knife which he already had to neatly cut around the grape soda and wilderness explorer badges and create small slots for the invites to go into. We ordered extra of these just in case anything went wrong but it still only cost £4.75 from them printing. 

Details cards

We used the wedding enclosure cards option on Vistaprint for these. Josh found the exact measurements and designed an image with the exact fonts we wanted then just uploaded that to Vistaprint to fit perfectly over the blank option on the site. Again we went with the matte option and for 20 cards it cost us £9.99 to have them printed. We kept them super simple with a Disney font and a couple of nods to the background mount with the grape soda badge and wilderness explorer badge. We even included a hidden Mickey! On the cards we included that we won't be having a formal sit down meal, that after the ceremony there would be photos then we would be going straight to our reception venue, what time the reception is ending and a little note reminding guests to have a good time! We also included a note about gifts stating that money towards our Disney honeymoon would be greatly appreciated. We decided to add an extra little detail to the back of the card too with the quote "Adventure is out there" from the movie Up and our wedding hashtag!

Envelopes and stickers

Our envelopes we just from eBay and cost £4.49 for 25. It was good to have a few extras again for if we made any mistakes. We went for silver pearlescent envelopes as we have a loose colour scheme of grey, rose gold and blush and figured they were a nice neutral option that still looked good but didn't clash with our colourful invites.

The stickers weren't necessary but I wanted them so why not?! The minimum amount I could get was 35 but they were only £5 and arrived super quick for a personalised item. We ordered them from The Foil Stationary Co on Etsy and I would highly recommend them. We went with grey stickers and rose gold text with our names and wedding date. I honestly love them and they add a nice finishing touch. 

All in we spent £34 on everything for our invites which I don't think is bad at all. They could have been done cheaper but we got exactly what we wanted so I think we got the balance right between budget and going for what we wanted. I love our invites and Josh does too, he doesn't get that hyped up about wedding stuff but as soon as everything arrived he wanted to get them handed out! I love that they aren't your typical looking wedding invite and that they perfectly represent our day!

Have you sorted out your wedding invites yet? Are you buying them or making them yourself? Let me know in the comments.

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