February 2020 wedding planning update

It's full steam ahead with wedding planning now and I'm absolutely loving this stage of planning I have to say. Buying all the little things that are going to make our wedding really special and being able to get things we want not just need is great. February was also the month where I finally saw the theme for our wedding reception coming together. For those of you that don't know our wedding reception is going to be themed to the Disney film Up. So here's what happened in February in terms of planning.

We gave notice

So the biggest thing to happen this month was we gave notice of marriage. It was the last big, important job on our list so I'm glad it's now ticked off. It was a total breeze and nothing to worry about at all. It feels so real now we've done it though. We decided to make a bit of a nice day of it too which made it a bit more special as well. I'm going to write a whole post about giving notice as a lot of people are unsure of what goes on and some people aren't even aware that it's something you have to do before you are allowed to get married.

We bought Josh's ring

On the same day as we gave notice we ordered Josh's ring and oh my it is beautiful. You can see it in the first photo on the second row of pictures. It hasn't arrived yet as it's handmade but I think I'm more excited about his ring than mine! We ordered it from Beespoke Bands on Etsy. I've been a big fan of Richard's work since I started wedding planning and when I shared the rings with Josh he agreed that they're pretty awesome. I love that he's going to have a really unusual and unique ring, it definitely suits him way more than a plain band! It's made of titanium, turquoise and rosewood. I seriously can't wait to see him with it on!

Hen party planning

I was unsure for quite a while if I wanted a hen party. I've spoken before about not having a big group of friends to call my bride tribe, I'm not into the typical hen party stuff and I also didn't want to ask people to spend a lot of money going away somewhere as it seemed unfair. In the end I've decided to have a hen party which I'm planning myself and I'm going to have a sparkling afternoon tea. The venue I've chosen is a lovely little cafe in my village, all the food is homemade and it's so delicious. It's also fully licensed so we can enjoy a few drinks too. It's only a small cafe which means the whole place will be booked out just for us and I'll be able to put some cute decorations up. I've already bought a few hen party items from Home Bargains.

As well as the afternoon tea which will be my big, main hen party there's also 5 of us running the Bubble Rush for charity in July and we've decided to do it in tutus and veils so we're treating that as a mini hen. I'll also be having a spa day before the wedding with my mum. So from not wanting any hen parties I'm now having 3!

Lots of Up themed goodies

So as I've mentioned February was the first month where I've actually seen our theme coming together. It seems like up until recently we've only talked about having a Disney Up theme but in February we actually made a start on making it happen. We've bought so many amazing pieces this month and they've filled me with so much excitement because they're going to look incredible. This month alone we've bought house shaped candle holders that will hide the balloon weights so the balloons will be coming out of the house meaning each table will have it's own Up house, we've got an American style mailbox which we're going to paint and put our names and hand prints on it like Carl and Ellie's mailbox in the movie and we'll be using that as our card box, Shop Disney released their version of Ellie's adventure book from the movie and we snapped it up straight away to use as our guestbook, it's such amazing quality, as you can see in the second picture on the bottom row the lettering is all stitched on and the first and last pages are the same as the ones in the movie. We're going to use it as a guestbook then stick some of the non-professional photos from the day in it too. Finally we ordered the most incredible ring box too and I can't wait to show you photos of that in next months post.

We sent (most of) our invites

Most of our invites have now been sent. As we're only having a small wedding we've been able to hand out most of the invites out personally without posting them but we still have a couple left that we do need to post. I love our invites so much. I'll be doing a full post on them on here as they're certainly not your typical wedding invites but they're very us and again they fit our Up theme perfectly. In fact I've realised that now we're getting down to the smaller details I might do some more posts on bits from our wedding so you can see things in more detail rather than just on a small photo on the monthly round-ups.

So that's where we're up to, February was definitely a fun month for wedding planning!

How much wedding planning have you got left to do? Let me know in the comments.

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