The best cheap wedding rings for men

We always think of the brides wedding ring as being the expensive one but the truth is men's wedding rings can be just as expensive. If you're on a small budget it can be hard to find anything past a plain band that is within budget. However there are some great budget friendly wedding ring options out there for men too. We managed to pick my fiance's ring up for £90 and it's something a little bit different too. So here are my top picks for men's wedding rings under £200.

cheap wedding rings for men

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Star Wedding Rings

Star Wedding Rings have a great range of budget friendly rings for both men and women but personally I think their collection of titanium and diamond rings is amazing. They're all such good prices considering they're diamond rings and you'll really struggle to find prices like that for a diamond ring anywhere else. We considered Star Wedding Rings for a long time for my fiance's ring because they're such good value for money.
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Beespoke Bands

Beespoke Bands is probably my favourite place on this post because I just love how unusual Richard's rings are and I love that they're all handmade. We've actually ordered my fiance's wedding ring from here very recently and although it hasn't arrived yet I just know we're going to love it. I've admired Richard's work for a long time now and when I showed my fiance his rings he agreed that they were pretty amazing. My fiance chose the first ring in this picture but all of the rings from Beespoke Bands are amazing and I could have quite easily included them all in this photo!

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Vincent Faith

If you're on a really small budget for wedding rings then Vincent Faith are definitely one to look at for budget friendly tungsten wedding rings. The designs are simple but still a step up from a plain band and at under £50 it'll allow you to still have a wedding ring without breaking the bank. Tungsten is actually a harder metal than titanium which makes these rings a really good choice if your fiance has a job where his wedding ring might take a good scratching and beating.

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I hope you liked this selection of budget friendly wedding rings and I hope it showed you that it's possible to get a really nice wedding ring for under £200.

Have you bought your wedding rings yet? Let me know in the comments.

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