How to find your dream wedding dress for under £500

The wedding dress. Arguably the thing us ladies think about most when planning our wedding and the number one thing guests are interested in. If you’re a bride on a small budget though it can be a concern how you’re going to get your dream dress. Well I’m here to tell you that it’s possible to find your dream wedding dress for under £500!

How to find a wedding dress for under £500

When we started planning our wedding, I assumed I’d buy my wedding dress from the high street however as time went on I knew I really wanted the wedding dress shopping experience but I worried with a budget of £400-£450 for my dress that it just wouldn’t be possible to have that experience. I was wrong and I eventually ended up saying yes to the dress last June in a wedding dress store! There are lots of ways to find your dream wedding dress when you’re on a tight budget so here’s how to find your perfect dress without spending more than £500.

Shop at WED2B

If you’ve followed my blog for a long time then you’ll know how much I love WED2B. If you’re wanting the wedding dress shopping experience but you have a small budget then WED2B will be your savour. All of their dresses (excluding platinum edition dresses) are under £599. I honestly can't recommend their dresses enough. The detailing on them for the price is out of this world. I tried 5 dresses on in WED2B and even though a few of them definitely didn't suit me, the amount of detail on all of them is something I can't fault. My dress is from WED2B and it cost £429, it has lace, tulle, sequin detail, back detail and glitter! I don't want to give too much away but there's a popular designer who specialises in the style of dress I've gone for and their dresses are priced between £1,400-£2,000! So you can see just how much you can save by shopping at WED2B. 

Buy a pre-owned dress

There are so many places you can shop for pre-owned wedding dresses. From sites like Preloved, Still White and Sell My Wedding Dress to eBay and even Facebook marketplace. You may even drop on a dress that's never been worn as lots of brides change their minds and look to quickly try and make some money back on their dress. You can filter by price to find a bargain but I do recommend looking for a dress that has already been dry cleaned by the previous owner unless of course it's really cheap then you can just go and have it cleaned yourself! 

Head to the high street

If you're really not fussed about having the wedding dress shop experience then you can find some stunning wedding dresses at amazing prices on the high street and online. I get that a wedding dress shop isn't for everyone so my top picks for dresses would be ASOS, Chi Chi and Monsoon. I considered getting a dress online for a very long time but ultimately decided that I did want to have to store experience. Had I not been able to find anything in a wedding dress store though I would have had no problem selecting a dress from an online store because there are some really lovely ones out there.

Shop small

Sometimes when we think of shopping small we think boutiques will come with a hefty price tag but that is not always the case. Etsy actually have some amazing small businesses selling stunning wedding dresses. I also follow a lovely account over on Instagram, Bridal Revival, who sell stunning vintage wedding dresses and accessories at really good prices. With a little bit of research you can find some amazing small businesses selling something a little bit different for your wedding.

Attend wedding fayres

Chances are the wedding fayres you attended at popular wedding venues won't really offer anything at a discount. However you can come across big wedding fayres that usually double as a sale. I attended the big wedding sale hosted by Wedding Fayres Yorkshire at the end of last year and they had loads of stunning dresses at amazing prices. There were so many people trying them on so trying to find an event like that may be worth your time if you're looking to make a big saving on your dress.

When we first decided on a small budget wedding I was terrified I wouldn't find my dream dress. I knew just how expensive wedding dresses could be and personally I couldn't justify spending that amount of money on something I'm only going to wear once. It is possible to find your perfect wedding dress on a budget though and I really don't think budget options are any less beautiful. I hope when I eventually reveal my dress that it proves that! 

I hope you found this post helpful, let me know in the comments if you did! Have you got your wedding dress yet, is it budget friendly or did you splash the cash?

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