How much we've spent on wedding essentials

So we've reached the 6 month mark. There are now just 6 months left until we get married which is beyond exciting. It also means we've reached a point in planning and spending where we can focus on the smaller and more fun stuff now and the things we want rather than just need. Now seems like the perfect time to take a check of the budget and see what we've spent on the essentials and you guys said on Instagram that you'd love to see this too. So here we are with a break down of exactly what we've spent on the wedding essentials.

The plan was always to get all the big essential things out of the way first so we had a clear idea of what was left in our budget to spend on the finer details. I'm pleased to say for having such a small budget we've got quite a lot left which is allowing us to get a lot of the things we want rather than stuff we just need. For example we're able to get nicer, personalised confetti bags instead of just plain ones. That's just one small example. Sure we don't need the confetti bags we're going for but it's nice to be able to have money left over to get them just because we want them! Just so we're clear, by essentials I'm going to be covering venue, reception, photography, transport, clothing, flowers, cake, bridal prep, invites and rings. Basically all the stuff that would make a wedding day but non of the finer details.

For those who don't follow me on Instagram, I am very open and honest about our wedding budget which is £4,000 and have no problems discussing it. My other blog focuses on money saving and personal finance so talking about money just feels normal for me! This blog and Instagram were set up to show that it's possible to have a beautiful wedding day on a small budget. So lets get into it! We've been really lucky in that my dad and stepmum have given us a big chunk of the money towards our wedding. My mum and her partner have also paid for some things as have Josh's mum and her partner. We never expected any money for our wedding but are extremely grateful for the help. Everything has still been added to the list even if it was paid for by someone else as the aim is still to spend £4,000 or under.

The essentials budget

Wedding ceremony at local registry office - £296 for a Saturday ceremony and two copies of our marriage certificate. The notice of marriage fee is also included in this cost.

Wedding reception venue - £736 for the venue, a buffet and welcome drinks and basic decoration package.

Photography and videography - £347 for the photographer from bridal prep to speeches. There was a special offer on which is why it's so cheap. We decided against videography and instead we've asked a couple of friends who have a YouTube channel if they would film for us!

Transport - £175 for one car that will take my dad and I from my house to the registry office then Josh and I from the registry office to the reception venue. We've got a cream VW Beetle Cabriolet.

Clothing - my dress was £438 from WED2B and that includes the cost of the bag to store it in. Josh has spent £110 on his outfit so far and just needs a white shirt and my bridesmaids dress was brand new from Facebook market place for £50. We've also bought the ties for Josh, my dad and the best man which we got for £1.80 in the Burton sale.

Flowers - we've got artificial flowers which have been made up by my mum's partner. For my bouquet, my bridesmaids bouquet and 3 buttonholes it's cost around £30.

Cake - £135 for a single tier cake and 50 cupcakes.

Bridal prep - £0. I'm doing my own makeup and Josh brother's fiancee is doing my hair.

Invites - £34 we had part of the invites made on Etsy and the rest we did ourselves. We even got personalised envelope stickers too.

Rings - £199 for my ring. Josh doesn't have one yet but he only wants a titanium ring so it won't take too much out of the budget.

Total = £2,390

So there you go, on all the essentials we'd need to make the wedding just happen we've spent £2,390 which leaves £1,610 for the extras such as a DJ, decorations and bits we want not just need. I'd say we've done pretty good there. We even upgraded the amount of dishes we've got on the buffet as it's the only food we've got. We've been able to get really nice invites with cute added extras that weren't necessary but that we wanted and my flowers look absolutely incredible. I think it really does go to show that you can have the wedding you want on a low budget and it doesn't have to be super basic. We've got a nice amount left that will get us all the stuff we want! 

There'll probably be more budget posts in the future but perhaps after the wedding. I'll do a non-essentials one and a total spend one so you can see exactly what we spent on our whole day! I hope this really helped any other budget brides see what's possible.

Let me know if this post helped you out in the comments.

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