Are wedding party proposals pointless?

A big trend that's emerged in the wedding community is wedding party proposals. Boxes of gifts made up for potential bridesmaids and groomsman to simply ask if they'll be a part of your wedding party. But what's the point in these proposals? Are they just another trend that's a massive waste of money?

what are bridesmaid proposals

I'm afraid you won't find any love from me for wedding party proposals. I think they're a massive waste of time and money. I'm sorry but I'm being brutally honest here. A lot of them are filled with tat that no one is going to use. Don't get me wrong I've seen some quite nice proposals. A bottle of Prosecco with a nice 'will you be my bridesmaid?' label fastened around it for example is a great wedding party proposal if it's something that you really want to do. Overall though I'd say save your money!

What are wedding party proposals?

The cynic in me wants to answer this with wedding party proposals are another social media trend spawned from Pinterest to make us spend more money and show off to others. We've all heard of the Pinterest perfect wedding and these boxes fit right in there with that. Basically they're a box of gifts you make up for people you'd like to be in your wedding party to ask them (or propose to them) if they'll be your bridesmaid/maid of honour/groomsman/best man. 

I find the term 'bridesmaid proposal' absolutely ludicrous anyway. You're not proposing. That's what happened when you're partner pulled out a ring and asked you to marry them. A box of small gifts for a potential bridesmaid is not a proposal.

What goes in the gift boxes?

As I say I have seen some quite nice, simple and very original proposals and those I can get on board with. But those generic boxes with a personalised champagne flute, a mini bottle of Prosecco, a candle and one of those Home Bargains bridesmaid mirrors can get in the bin. Or the male version of a hip flask and socks. No thanks. I don't know about anyone else but our best man would have laughed in my face if I'd presented him with that! The harsh reality is your bridesmaids will smile and say thanks then shove that box out of site because there's nothing of use in there. Well aside from the Prosecco maybe. 

Do I need to make wedding party proposals?

Well I think you can guess my answer to that can't you? But no absolutely not. If you're wanting to do something, be original. That's my bugbear about wedding trends, they're not original at all. You can get some lovely cards from small businesses on Etsy for wedding party proposals too. Personally I asked my maid of honour over WhatsApp and my fiance asked his brother to be his best man when we were all out for a meal. If people care about you they won't need a box of crap for show. Part of me feels like proposals are just so you can get that picture of all your neat little boxes with their vinyl stickers on and say 'look at what I'm doing for all my bridesmaids.' 

Let's get real

If you've get a wedding party of let's say 6 people. That's 6 boxes of things you're going to be making up. Say you think you're being budget friendly and the contents of the box are only going to cost £10 each. That's still £60 before you've even factored in the cost of the boxes and any personalisation. That's £60-£80 minimum that could be spent of something that actually matters. My advice is this is one wedding trend you definitely don't need to follow. Save your time and money and get your wedding party something nice as a thank you instead.

There are so many unnecessary trends people think they need to do just because everyone else is and you absolutely don't. I've always been about brides doing things their way and doing things differently. The Thrifty Bride challenges traditions, trends and what people have come to accept as 'normal' in the world of weddings. If that sounds like you then I hope my posts help you.

What do you think to wedding party proposals? Let me know in the comments.

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