The best cheap wedding rings for men

We always think of the brides wedding ring as being the expensive one but the truth is men's wedding rings can be just as expensive. If you're on a small budget it can be hard to find anything past a plain band that is within budget. However there are some great budget friendly wedding ring options out there for men too. We managed to pick my fiance's ring up for £90 and it's something a little bit different too. So here are my top picks for men's wedding rings under £200.

cheap wedding rings for men

Are wedding party proposals pointless?

A big trend that's emerged in the wedding community is wedding party proposals. Boxes of gifts made up for potential bridesmaids and groomsman to simply ask if they'll be a part of your wedding party. But what's the point in these proposals? Are they just another trend that's a massive waste of money?

what are bridesmaid proposals

How to find your dream wedding dress for under £500

The wedding dress. Arguably the thing us ladies think about most when planning our wedding and the number one thing guests are interested in. If you’re a bride on a small budget though it can be a concern how you’re going to get your dream dress. Well I’m here to tell you that it’s possible to find your dream wedding dress for under £500!

How to find a wedding dress for under £500

Hey, it's O.K not to have a bride tribe!

A big thing I've noticed since entering into the wedding planning community is how much importance brides-to-be place on having a bride tribe. Having a group of women around you seems almost as important as the actual wedding itself and with the rise of bridesmaids proposals it seems like having that close knit bunch of ladies around you is essential when it comes to planning your wedding. But what if you don't have a bride tribe? What if a hen do doesn't interest you because you don't have a close bunch of friends? You may even decide you don't want bridesmaids. Well guess what? It's perfectly O.K. not to have a bride tribe!

why you don't need to have a bride tribe

How much we've spent on wedding essentials

So we've reached the 6 month mark. There are now just 6 months left until we get married which is beyond exciting. It also means we've reached a point in planning and spending where we can focus on the smaller and more fun stuff now and the things we want rather than just need. Now seems like the perfect time to take a check of the budget and see what we've spent on the essentials and you guys said on Instagram that you'd love to see this too. So here we are with a break down of exactly what we've spent on the wedding essentials.