September 2019 - January 2020 wedding planning update

It's been a while since I did a wedding planning update hence why this one will be spanning 4 and a bit months but I asked on Instagram what you'd like to see for my first proper big post back and this is what you voted for! So here it a big update on everything we've done for the wedding since my last update!

The shoes

For a while I had a massive panic about my dress. The photos I have of me in it aren't exactly from the most flattering angles and I know it's completely different to what my fiance imagined I would be wearing. I spoke about this briefly in my post about why it's O.K. to doubt all of your wedding choices but I do think I'm going to write a full post about wedding dress doubt too. I decided though from looking at the pictures that as beautiful as the shoes were that I bought before I went dress shopping that they just weren't the right pair for my dress. I've since bought another pair that are just a glittery as my last pair but they have a higher heel and just fit my overall look much better.

The cake 

We had quite a tough time with the cake situation. In September I tried booking a consultation with a local bakery that's super popular. They gave my initial appointment away to someone else then when I made another they messaged in the week to try and get me to come at an earlier time which I couldn't do. On the morning I was supposed to attend to consultation they cancelled it saying there was a staff shortage. It may have been genuine but it seemed a little suspicious to me and by that point I'd been really put off. That same day my fiances mum found someone in our village that runs a little baking business on the side so I contacted her and in October we had a consultation with her. As we're having a one tier cake and cupcakes we discussed flavours and we opted for 3 different cupcake flavours which she then made a sample of so we could check we were happy with the flavours. We chose chocolate for the cake and for the cupcakes we went with vanilla, chocolate and toffee. When we got our samples we loved them all so we've stuck with those flavours. I can't wait to see how our cake turns out and I'm so glad we've found someone really nice to do it!


I was under the impression that my normal hairdresser would do my hair for the wedding but in December I went for my hair colouring and before I could mention it we got on to wedding hairstyles and she straight out said she'd recommend going to someone who specialises in wedding hair not to her as although she could advise me on what styles would suit me she said she couldn't pin hair good enough for it to be secure all day. This triggered a mass panic as when I started looking around for someone to do my hair a lot of places were already booked. Luckily my sister-in-law came to the rescue and offered to do it. She's really good with hair and she's a dance teacher so she pins all the little kids hair in place for competitions so if she can get that to hold I completely trust her with my hair! We just need to have a practise beforehand to make sure I'm happy with the style I have in mind. 

I also bought a hair comb back in November from AliExpress, I took a bit of a risk with it as things coming from China don't always look like the pictures and there weren't any customer photos either. I'm pleased to say its as beautiful in real life as it is in the photos!


We've added a few more decorations to our collection since the last update. We have a letter peg board now and I plan on using it to display a Disney quote at the wedding reception. I also ordered some LED letter lights from AliExpress. I order a 'L', a 'J' and a love heart and they were so cheap. I'm probably going to use them near the guestbook or the cupcakes.

Bridesmaid dress

We finally have a bridesmaid dress! I'm only having one bridesmaid and she happened to find a lovely dress for sale on a local selling group on Facebook just before Christmas, the dress was listed as brand new with tags on. Anyway in the hustle and bustle of Christmas there wasn't time to go and look at it but last week my bridesmaid asked if the dress was still for sale and luckily it was! She went to look at it and loved it so that's another big thing ticked off the list now! The dress is lovely and it really suits her, she's going to look lovely.

Grooms outfit

This one has been a bit of a difficult one too. I found some lovely ties in the Burton sale after Christmas and swiftly ordered 3 of them, one for the groom, one for the best man and one for my dad. After, just out of curiosity I had a look at suits. My fiance isn't have a full suit, just a shirt, trousers and waistcoat. We came across a lovely waistcoat and trousers so we ordered those too. Well when they arrived it was quite clear they weren't going to fit even though we ordered his usual size. We ordered bigger sizes and they were still way off so everything had to go back.

A few weeks later we were passing a Next and had a look at their stuff, let me tell you now. Suit sizing is way off! The size waistcoat we've had to go up to is crazy. My fiance is a pretty average build and I would never have guessed the size we've had to buy in a waistcoat. He's definitely not that size in every day clothes so my advice is to definitely ignore what the labels say and just go with what looks good.

Notice of marriage

Booking an appointment to give notice of marriage has been at the top of our to do list for a very long time. We've finally booked the appointment which we'll be attending mid February. It was one of the last big things on the list and probably the most important thing so I'm glad we've finally got it booked.


All my wedding flowers are nearly finished. We're having artificial ones and my mums partner is kindly doing them all for us and even though I've only seen photos, I'm blown away by the amazing job she's done. They look incredible! We've got my bouquet, my bridemaid's bouquet, a buttonhole for my fiance and a matching one for the best man and my dad and they're all beautiful. They need properly fastening and some ribbon adding to them and then they'll be done. I never though an artificial bouquet would look as good as what it does. I didn't even want flowers at first and I could've cried when I saw them!


I started looking into confetti this month and the wonderful Dollz Confetti offered to make me up a personalised sample of the packets I'd got my eye on with my choice of confetti in it. As soon as my sample arrived I knew we'd be ordering it for the wedding. The packets are super cute and the confetti inside is beautiful. Seeing our wedding date on something made it feel super real though! Now I've just got to decide how many packets to order.

So that's my big old update. There was a lot to cover! To be fair most of this has actually happened in January, I've had a busy month when it comes to wedding planning. I'm in full on bride mode right now and I'm getting so much done.

How much wedding planning have you get left to do? Let me know in the comments.

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