A new year for The Thrifty Bride

Happy new year everyone! And an extra big happy new year to anyone getting married in 2020 like me, it's our year finally! Long time no speak, almost 3 months to be exact so I figured it was time for a little Thrifty Bride catch up.

I didn't mean to disappear for so long but the thing is I have another blog and I've really been putting my heart and soul into it for the last 6 months or so. It earns me a little bit of extra money each month so of course it has to be a priority over this blog. Then of course I work so fitting what is sometimes two jobs in can be hard. So The Thrifty Bride sat here gathering dust and slowly getting forgotten about. I flicked through this blog earlier today though and realised that in the 6 months I've had it, I've wrote some content on here that I'm a bit bloody proud of and it's just sitting there unnoticed and unloved when it could be helping someone out on their wedding planning journey.

Call me crazy but I'm trying to bring this blog back, that is on top of a job, my other blog and getting married this year too! I'm exhausted just looking at that. I'm aiming to write a post a week though when I can because I've looked at the stats for my posts on here and some of these posts have performed better in the 6 months I've had this blog than some of the content has on the blog I've had for nearly 9 years. That's insane! 

My first proper post back will be a round up of all the wedding planning we've done since my last planning update post which I believe was all the way back in August. Then I really want to focus on budget wedding advice and a topic I'm super passionate about, brides wearing glasses. I'm also going to share a list of everything we've booked/bought for the wedding so far and what's left to do and lots of people on Instagram said this would be super helpful.

So this is a new year for The Thrifty Bride, the year I got married no less and I still have a lot to say about small budget weddings. So this is me just saying I'm back and I hope you're ready for some awesome wedding content!

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