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When it comes to wedding planning a lot of people are now choosing to go digital. From paperless invites and RSVP by text message to Pinterest mood boards and wedding websites. Going paper free is now the way to go. But if you're ditching the traditional paper wedding planners and invites how are you supposed to easily keep track of everything and keep your guests informed? That's where comes in!

Bimble allows you to create what they call 'placelists' which are exactly what you'd expect - lists of places. How can that help with wedding planning I hear you ask? Well in lots of different ways actually, from creating venue moodboards, hotels ideas for guests, post wedding day restaurant ideas and even having information all on one handy link for guests to look at. I had a play around and created a few placelists of my own to see just how useful it would be for planning a wedding, here's how I got on.

Getting started with Bimble

Registering on Bimble was quick and easy. The layout of the website is clean and simple and easy to navigate. When it comes to creating your own placelists the process is fairly simple. The first step is to start adding places so you simply start typing the name of the place you're looking for and suggestions will come up, when you've found your place you can add extra information for your guests such as timings etc. What I will say is anyone can view your placelists, for example under the explore tab you are taken to a page that lists popular cities and there's a wedding section too. From there I could access peoples wedding placelists and see all the information they'd added. There are upsides and downsides to this. The major plus is you're able to gather inspiration from other people and maybe come across things you haven't seen before, this goes for the wedding section and the city placelists. In that respect it's great that you can see what other people have found and what they have to say about it. However if you're adding information about your wedding day do keep in mind that absolutely anyone can see it, personally I think a password feature where only your guests can access more sensitive information such as dates and times would be better here but you are in control of what information you put so maybe skip the more personal stuff here.

How Bimble could help with wedding planning

You can create a list for pretty much anything. You could have a list specifically for local hotels if your guests are travelling, you could have a list for venue inspiration if you're still in the early stages of planning, stag and hen do venues/activities or you could even do what I've done and create just one list that incorporates everything about your wedding into one handy place for guests to access. Your lists all come with a direct link that's easy to share among your guests or add to digital invites. Also if you're anything like me, you'll love seeing your day laid out in front of you. If you check out my wedding list you'll see how clean and simple it looks and I love that you only have to hover over each place image to access the extra information. For someone who is big on creating moodboards for everything, this is pretty pleasing to me to see our wedding day set out like this.

If you are looking to go down a more paperless route for your wedding, or you just like things like this I highly recommend giving Bimble a go. It's free to sign up and is super simple to use and I think it's a great tool for planning your own wedding and gathering inspiration as well. Personally I'd liken it to a cross between Pinterest and a wedding website, it's much simpler then a wedding website but serves the purpose of providing extra information to guests but it also has that ease of use and inspiration factor of Pinterest. 

If you give Bimble a go, let me know what you think to it in the comments!  

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