August 2019 wedding planning update

I've decided to start posting wedding updates so I can look back and so you can see what we've been up to and where so are with planning. There won't be updates every month I don't think as there'll be some months where we won't have done anything but when I have news to share on planning it'll all be summed up in these posts!

So August marked one year until the wedding and while July's update was about the smaller things, this update is perhaps the biggest one I'm going to do. Not in terms of how much stuff we did but in terms of the fact we did something really big an important...

The ceremony

If you've been following along from the start then you might know that our registry office that we want to get married at has a really strange policy in that you can't book your ceremony anymore than a year in advance. I've never known a policy like this at any venue but there you go. That did mean we had to start booking other wedding things before we'd even got the ceremony booked though which was both stressful and terrifying! We didn't really have any doubts about getting our chosen date it was the time, we'd noticed afternoon weddings were the most popular at our venue and we really wanted an afternoon ceremony. With not having a wedding breakfast it sort of all rested on getting a later ceremony time.

Booking your ceremony at our registry office is all done online so we actually stayed up until past midnight so it would tick over to a year before our wedding and we manged to get the exact time we wanted. I was doing a happy dance around the house at midnight. I'm super glad we stayed up to do it as we checked early the next morning and loads of the afternoon ceremonies had been booked up! It really made it feel real now the actual important part is booked. We're getting married in less than a year!

Sending save the dates

With hitting the one year mark we've slowly started handing out our save the dates as and when we see people. We started with the people who need to travel the furthest just so they had a bit more notice (and we had a trip planned to see them anyway) and we've nearly got them all handed out now. Just a couple more to go and they'll all be out!

Designing invites

Invites are something we've struggled with for a while now because the price of them is unreal for what is essentially a piece of card that a lot of guests will throw in the bin after the event. There's no way I could justify parting upwards of £80 for invites. We thought about designing our own but we don't have a printer so that was another cost. Then we thought about just buying some really simple ones from a card shop or Home Bargains however I wanted something that fit with our theme. When I was browsing Etsy one day I came across the perfect idea where we could fully customise the invites but someone else made and printed them. I'm trying not to give too many details away as we've decided not to reveal the design until people have actually received the invites but they're only really small which made the super cheap, my fiance did a mock design to send to them and they made them.

We decided to get them now as at such a cheap price we couldn't pass up on them when it was a design and idea that we both fell in love with and that fits our theme perfectly. As they're only small they've only got the absolute essential details on so Josh is going to design a extra details card on Vistaprint from scratch (rather than using one of their designs), he an amazing artist and he's got a graphics pad so it'll be super easy for him to create a cute little image on the cards that goes with the invites and our theme. He's also going to design a background that will become a holder for the invites just so they have a frame with them only been small. In the end we've gone with part made for us and part DIY and I can't wait to share them next year because they're going to look incredible!

Sweet jars

When we first started planning I knew I wanted a sweet table at the reception. With only having 50 guests we didn't want to go too wild though. On a recent shopping trip I was trying to find some nice jars in Home Bargains but they were completely out of stock. However I found the most beautiful iridescent jars in Asda and fell in love. They were slightly more than I wanted to pay for jars at £2.50 each but we've booked most of the big stuff now and we've still got plenty left in our budget so I thought why not? We've decided on 6 jars for the sweet table so they'll be a nice variety without going over the top. I think we're going to buy our sweets from Aldi and that seems the cheapest option at the moment even for Haribo sweets!

I really didn't expect August's update to be so big but the invites and sweet jars were a surprise as we didn't think we'd be sorting those things just yet.

Where are you up to with wedding planning? Let me know in the comments below!

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