10 wedding trends you can do without to save money

It's so easy to get wrapped up in certain wedding trends when you start seeing them everywhere, from fellow brides on Instagram to Pinterest and even family and friends weddings. It easy to get a case of FOMO when it comes to weddings but there are definitely some trends out there that are completely unnecessary and if you're looking to have a budget wedding or cut back on costs these are the 10 trends you can definitely do with out.

10 wedding trends you don't need to spend money on

Before we make a start I should make it clear that I am a firm believer in your wedding, your rules but we all have different opinions and it wouldn't do for us to all like the same things. If you're having any of these things at your wedding, that is completely fine. This post is about how to save money and these are 10 current trends I believe people don't need to spend money on. I may do future posts on some of the trends though and way I think they're unnecessary!


O.K . so these may seem like a cheap DIY project but it's still money I don't think you need to spend, between buying the hoops, twine and flowers you're still looking at a decent amount of money that's not necessary. The hoops don't really serve much purpose and they're way over done now so if you're wanting DIY decorations there's loads you could do that looks more original and is a lot less mundane than sitting wrapping twine around a hula hoop. 

Flip Flop baskets

This is definitely one area you do not need to spend money on. What's wrong with dancing bare foot? I know I will be at my wedding! Seriously though, those £1 Primark slippers might seem super cheap when you're just getting one pair but when you're averaging around 50 pairs that's already £50 you've spent before you've even started with extra bits like ribbons, tags, signs and an actual basket/crate to put them in. If people's shoes are hurting them that much then I'm sorry but they can dance bare foot like me!


Those Pinterest images of sparkler send offs might look lovely and romantic but lets be honest, the reality is people are not going to want to stand around with a sparkler when they're tipsy. It's going to cause loads of stress trying to organise everyone into the Pinterest perfect shot and half you're guests will just went to party. Save you're pennies and have more time partying instead.

Bathroom baskets

Why you would spend money on male and female bathroom baskets is beyond me but here we are with another wedding trend that's popped up recently. Just think about how much money you're going to be spending filling up those baskets with deodorant, hair products and brushes, basic sewing supplies, basic first aid/pain killers, wipes, tissues and all the other stuff and I can guarantee most of it won't even get touched. I don't know a single woman who goes to an event/on a night out without a full arsenal of products in her handbag (and half of her fella's stuff in there too). Save your money in this one, it won't get used.

Two wedding dresses

Having a day dress and an evening dress is becoming pretty popular, if you've gone for high street dresses then this isn't too bad but if you're looking at designer gowns then I'd say save your money. Your evening guests will more than likely want to see your day dress which means you're going to have to cut into your evening party by getting changed. Most women don't have a clue what to do with their dress after their big day and it gets shoved in a loft, you're going to be stuck with two dresses and a big hole in your bank account. Stick with one fabulous dress that you love and you can't go wrong.

10 unnecessary wedding trends

Kids activity packs

It is not your duty to entertain everyone else's kids, it's your wedding day not your time to shine as a children's entertainer. This may sound harsh but it's my belief that it's the parents duty to make sure their kids are occupied and happy. Don't waste your money on colouring books and general tat that kids aren't going to care about after 5 minutes. If you have quite a few children attending your reception the cost of this will add up pretty quickly, save your money here and focus on having a good time not whether other peoples kids are entertained.

Non stop entertainment

While we're on the subject of entertainment, there is such a thing as too much. Again I think this is an area where people can go really overboard in an attempt to please guests by cramming bands/singers, magicians and DJ's all into one day. Wedding entertainment is not cheap at all and I think it's nice to have a bit more of a relaxing feel to the day without something going on every single second, pick one, maybe two forms of entertainment but don't waste a lot of cash by going over the top. Guests will want to mingle too and they can't do that if there's stuff constantly going on.

Proposal boxes for bridesmaids/groomsmen

Seriously if you're wanting a nice gesture, get a nice card or something but don't waste money on glasses, balloons, candles and whatever else you stick in a proposal box. I'm going to be honest with you here that box will get shoved away and forgotten about. I don't know where these elaborate proposal boxes came from but don't think you need to spend money on them. If people genuinely want to be a part of your day they'll be super happy you asked, they don't need a glass with a vinyl transfer on it, trust me!

Light up letters/Neon

O.K. those giant light up letters can look good and I love the neon signs but they are crazy expensive for what is just a decoration that a lot of people won't pay attention to. There are far cheaper decoration ideas and you'll save hundreds of pounds by not having the light up letters/neon at your wedding. This is definitely a case of massively inflating the price of things because it's for a wedding and at the end of the day they are just a decorative item and one you definitely don't need to spend money on.

Gifts for everyone

I've already touched on gifts in the form of proposal boxes but I think it's got so out of hand the amount of gifts people buy now, I'm talking proposal boxes, robes, slippers and pjs for the morning of the wedding and then a gift for being part of the day and that's usually just for bridesmaids. On top of all of that people are buying gifts for all their family and it's just not necessary. Again, people should just be genuinely happy to be at your wedding, not expecting gifts. Do not buy everyone presents, I had one bride-to-be tell me recently that she went all out with gifts and no one appreciated them and one bridesmaid even told her it was too over the top. A small personal item for people like father of the bride etc is a nice touch but save your money on the other stuff.

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