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When it comes to wedding planning a lot of people are now choosing to go digital. From paperless invites and RSVP by text message to Pinterest mood boards and wedding websites. Going paper free is now the way to go. But if you're ditching the traditional paper wedding planners and invites how are you supposed to easily keep track of everything and keep your guests informed? That's where comes in!

10 wedding trends you can do without to save money

It's so easy to get wrapped up in certain wedding trends when you start seeing them everywhere, from fellow brides on Instagram to Pinterest and even family and friends weddings. It easy to get a case of FOMO when it comes to weddings but there are definitely some trends out there that are completely unnecessary and if you're looking to have a budget wedding or cut back on costs these are the 10 trends you can definitely do with out.

10 wedding trends you don't need to spend money on

August 2019 wedding planning update

I've decided to start posting wedding updates so I can look back and so you can see what we've been up to and where so are with planning. There won't be updates every month I don't think as there'll be some months where we won't have done anything but when I have news to share on planning it'll all be summed up in these posts!