How to easily find wedding suppliers

When I started planning our wedding I had no idea what I was doing. I’ve always wanted to attend a wedding fair and I was certain that when it came to my own wedding I’d be spending every spare weekend at wedding fairs, snapping up freebies and mingling with suppliers. That was before we decided on a small budget wedding and I realised wedding fairs aren’t all that budget friendly. Also wedding fairs tend to be pretty traditional which isn’t our style either. I still plan on attending a fair or two just for the experience but I don’t need to search for suppliers anymore so I thought I’d share some tips and tricks on how to find suppliers without attending fairs, how I found and secured suppliers and I’ll also take a look at certain elements you may not need suppliers for.

How to find suppliers without attending wedding fairs

So how do you find suppliers if you’re on a budget, breaking from tradition or just don’t fancy attending fairs? Read on to find out.


I’ve personally found a lot of confetti suppliers on Instagram just through accounts that have either followed me or other people have bought from. Making your own confetti is also a great idea but can be quite time consuming. We haven't quite settled on what we're doing about confetti yet but I think we might put our own together using bits from eBay and some personalised stickers as eBay is another place to find some great bargains.

 The cheapest eBay accounts for confetti I've found are this one for biodegradable paper heart confetti and this one for biodegradable petal confetti. Instagram businesses to check out: Kay's Confetti Creations, Adam Apple Confetti and Garden of Pearl.


When it comes to finding someone to make your wedding cake I know a lot of people rely on wedding fairs however take some time to research cake makers in your local area and visit their stores if they have one. A quick search on Google should throw up quite a few results for local cake makers. Also ask around, lots of people do cake making and decorating in their spare time so it might be a case of contacting a friend of a friend to have a cake consultation, sometimes who you know can really help! 


This is definitely something I struggled with but mainly because I didn't want a traditional, classic wedding car. Again research what's in your local area before thinking you have to turn to fairs. While lots of transport suppliers do display at wedding fairs it is possible to find people other ways. I asked for Facebook recommendations and got my family to share the post which came back with a few options and I also did my own searching for businesses on Facebook which is how I found my transport, Wedding Belles and Beaus.


If you're up for a bit of DIY flowers are definitely an area where you could save a lot of money. If you're wanting artificial flowers you can make your bouquets quite far in advance, good places to look for artificial flowers are The Range, Country Baskets, Dunelm and Hobbycraft. If making your own artificial bouquets isn't something you want to do, check out eBay for pre-made artificial bouquets you can find some really nice ones, and just a little tip if you're not wanting a big bouquet select the bridesmaids size ones and they'll be even cheaper too!

If you're wanting real flowers, it's still possible to make your own bouquets but I'd definitely enlist some help as these will need making up just before the day. Head to local flower markets or wholesale suppliers to get the best deal.

I've gone for an artificial bouquet which a friend is very kindly making up using flowers mainly from The Range but I'll be buying the buttonholes ready made as they're so cheap it just makes more sense. 


So many places do beautiful wedding decorations these days that it makes absolutely no sense to pay over the odds for decoration suppliers. DIY is always an option as usual and we'll certainly be making a couple of our decoration but good places to look for decorations are Home Bargains/Quality Save, The Range, B & M, eBay and AliExpress. We've picked up some lovely things from Home Bargains already with plans to buy more and I have a pretty big wish list on AliExpress too! 


Strangely after getting engaged, wedding photographers were the thing I kept seeing adverts for on Facebook so that's how I ended up finding our photographer! Again though social media is your friend here, all good photographers will have social media accounts where you'll be able to see their work and this is where any special offers will be announced too. Our photographer had a deal on when we booked so I'm super glad it popped on Facebook as it saved us a lot of money!

Wedding dress

You all know how much I love WED2B by now, but honestly if you're wanting a beautiful dress without paying more than £600 this is where you should be looking. I'm a WED2B bride and I loved my experience in my local store so I can't recommend them enough. All the dresses are absolutely beautiful and a fraction of the price of what you'd pay in a boutique.

If you're looking to go down the second hand dress route then definitely try eBay, Still White, Bride2Bride, Preloved and Oxfam.


Wedding stationary can get expensive, especially invites. I'm going to brutally honest here, I really wouldn't spend a lot of money on invites as most of them get cast aside after they've first been looked at then eventually they end up in the bin. I know you don't want to think that's what happens but it is. We still don't know what we're doing about invites yet as I can't bring myself to pay lots of money for them but I also want something that fits with our wedding so this is still a working progress for us.

Invites are definitely something you could DIY with a relatively low cost but do keep in mind the cost of buying card, ink, envelopes and any extra embellishments as it will all add up pretty quickly. If you're just after something simple and you're really not overly fussed about design then try places like Card Factory, Home Bargains and Clintons to keep costs super low.

Have you attended wedding fairs to find your suppliers? If not how have you planned your wedding? Let me know in the comments.

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