Bridebook app review: Do you need it?

The Bridebook wedding planning app is designed to make wedding planning as stress free and as fun as possible. All the tools you could possibly need to plan your dream wedding are right at your finger tips and all for free. Just how good is the Bridebook app though and is it an essential to wedding planning? I downloaded the app a couple of month ago to put it to the test and find out. 

Bridebook app review

What is Bridebook?

Bridebook is a free wedding planning app where you can find suppliers, track your budget and make a guest list. There's also a planning checklist that tells you what you should be doing each month in the run up to your wedding which will help keep you on track and organised. Each task has mini task within it so you can tick off a mini task or the whole thing. It then calculates a percentage for how far through your wedding planning you are. There are also articles on the app with expert advice and real weddings to look through. 

Within the app you can make a note of your guestlist for the day and evening, who you've sent invites to and who has RSVP'd. You can track every part of your spending with an estimated cost and an actual spend and it will tell you the total estimate, the total booked, your target budget and how far under budget you are (basically how much you've got left to play with!). You can also search for suppliers for every part of your wedding and shortlist them. 

Is it easy to use?

Yes! It's very well laid out, simple yet effective. Once you've filled all your information out upon downloading the app your home page will welcome you with your wedding date, a countdown and your next task to complete on the checklist. Below that are the guest list, budget, checklist and shortlist areas for you to easily access. The budget section comes with a lot pre-loaded entries such as venue, wedding dress, photographer etc but these can easily be renamed, deleted or added to to tailor it to your wedding. Within the budget there are 4 sections you can add to - venue and suppliers, wedding dress and attire, wedding additionals and other.

The checklist is already made up for you but again you can add task which might be useful if you're getting married abroad or having a small legal ceremony then a big wedding ceremony or having two receptions (home and abroad). I haven't added to the checklist as we're having a very simple wedding so some things I was able to tick off straight away as they're things we're not doing.

Do I really need it?

That all depends on your planning style I suppose. I don't use the suppliers section at all because I'd already got all the big stuff sorted when I downloaded the app but I can see how that bit would be useful for people struggling to find suppliers. Where it really comes into it's own for me is the budget section. As you know we're having a really small budget wedding so every little thing needs noting down. I'd always had it in my mind to write this in my wedding planning notebook but I can't tell you how handy it is to have it on my phone as well, as soon as we pay for something it gets added straight to Bridebook, I absolutely love the budget section and I wouldn't be without it now. I can see the guest list section been extremely useful in the future too when we send out invites, we're asking people to RSVP by text so with Bridebook I'll be able to easily track who has responded and who hasn't.

In conclusion, for free I'd give Bridebook a shot. I'm really glad I downloaded it and while I wouldn't say it's an integral part of my planning it has been extremely useful and much simpler than trying to track everything on spreadsheets or in notebooks. Do you use Bridebook? How useful have you found it? Let me know in the comments.

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