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On my quest to find a budget friendly wedding ring I spoke to quite a few other brides struggling to find a sparkly ring that didn't break the bank. We all know wedding rings can get pretty expensive and in a sea of expensive diamond rings it can seem like your only budget friendly wedding ring option is a plain band. But fear not fellow budget brides I've rounded up a huge amount of cheap wedding rings along with a couple of tips for shopping for a wedding ring. Seen as I've managed to find a beautiful wedding ring for £200 all the rings featured here will be under £200 I'm also going to regularly update this post with new rings.

cheap wedding rings under £200

How to get a wedding ring for under £200

I never thought I'd find my dream ring on such a small budget but believe me it's definitely possible and here's how:
1. Shop for an eternity ring - we all know that anything that contains the world 'wedding' automatically makes it rocket in price so try shopping for an eternity ring instead. 
2. Shop sales - lots of jewelers have regular sales with big discounts so definitely try looking for a ring in the sale. Also sales will be more common out of the popular summer wedding season. 
3. Man-made over mined - one thing that can dramatically reduce the price of a ring is going for a man-made diamond. These usually exist on places like Etsy and they're just as stunning and durable as their mined counterparts.
4. Don't judge a ring by its online photo - I saw so many budget friendly rings online that I dismissed because their photo's online didn't do them justice (including the one I ended up buying!). I highly recommend going in store to look at rings as all the ones I'd seen online looked absolutely beautiful when I saw them in the shop. I don't think my wedding ring looks anything like its online photo in real life.
5. Head to eBay - there are so many jewelers on eBay selling stunning eternity rings. Just make sure you do your research first. Look for U.K jewelers and reputable ones will have their business address listed and lots of details about the ring (don't worry though, I've got you covered with some eBay beauties below).

H Samuel 

H Samuel is one of the best high street jewelers I've found for cheap wedding rings that still have a good amount of sparkle and detail to them. It's actually where I got my ring from and this is why I recommended going in store to see these rings as I've seen most of the ones I've picked out in real life and they're so much more beautiful in store than they are online. I've picked a selection of wedding and eternity rings.

cheap wedding rings from H Samuel
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The Aladdin's Cave

This is a great little Etsy store that uses man-made diamonds. He's a U.K jeweler and his creations are stunning. I think I'm actually going to buy my wedding day earrings from here. All the rings are available in solid yellow, white or rose gold too which is amazing!

cheap wedding rings from Etsy
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These are all from the same seller on eBay, it's a U.K jewelers and their business address is listed as Hatton Garden. All the rings come with a certificate of authenticity and the seller has amazing reviews. All the rings are listed as eternity rings which will also explain the price.

cheap wedding rings from eBay
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