Do you need to have a wedding breakfast?

A wedding breakfast is largely a British wedding tradition, it's a celebratory meal eaten by the newlyweds and ceremony guests after the wedding. It usually consists of a 3 course meal with traditional offerings such as soup and roasts. It's the first meal the couple share after the marriage has taken place. Is it really an essential part of your wedding day though or can you do away with a wedding breakfast?

The pros and cons of a wedding breakfast

When do you need to start wedding planning?

The question of when to start wedding planning doesn't really have a right or wrong answer. Some people like to wait a bit until after the engagement other people have got a whole list and a notebook at the ready the day after their engagement so it really is down to personal preference. But how long should you give yourself and when do you need to start booking things? Lets take a look.

when to start wedding planning

Everything you need to know about wedding dress shopping

After going wedding dress shopping last month and saying yes to the dress I thought I'd put my experience to good use and compile a complete guide to wedding dress shopping so you can all have the best wedding dress shopping experience. I already had quite a few ideas of what to include but I took to Instagram to ask fellow brides-to-be that have already bought their dress what they wish they'd known before shopping and I asked brides-to-be who haven't been shopping yet if they had any burning questions. So this post is a combination of all the topics I thought were useful as well as some great questions from Instagram.

a useful guide to wedding dress shopping

Cheap wedding rings every bride needs to see now

On my quest to find a budget friendly wedding ring I spoke to quite a few other brides struggling to find a sparkly ring that didn't break the bank. We all know wedding rings can get pretty expensive and in a sea of expensive diamond rings it can seem like your only budget friendly wedding ring option is a plain band. But fear not fellow budget brides I've rounded up a huge amount of cheap wedding rings along with a couple of tips for shopping for a wedding ring. Seen as I've managed to find a beautiful wedding ring for £200 all the rings featured here will be under £200 I'm also going to regularly update this post with new rings.

cheap wedding rings under £200

5 places you need to shop for cheap bridal shoes

If you're wanting to stick to a small budget for your wedding, designer shoes aren't going to be at the top of your list. But where can you shop to find beautiful bridal shoes that won't break the bank? I've rounded up 5 of the best places to shop for cheap wedding

places to shop for cheap wedding shoes

All of our wedding plans so far

Since I only set The Thrifty Bride up at the start of June I thought I should update you all on where we are with our wedding plans. We started planning properly in March this year and with only have a small and simple wedding we've managed to get a lot done. I've started doing updates on our plans but thought I needed to back track a bit with what we've done before The Thrifty Bride came along.

June 2019 wedding planning update

I've decided to start posting wedding updates so I can look back and so you can see what we've been up to and where so are with planning. There won't be updates every month I don't think as there'll be some months where we won't have done anything but when I have news to share on planning it'll all be summed up in these posts!