Why shedding for the wedding isn't all that healthy

When you start planning your wedding many brides have the same thought that goes along the lines of 'oh I'd definitely like to lose some weight before the wedding'. When all eyes are on the bride in her dress it's hard not to feel the pressure to look your absolute best, but is shedding for the wedding really a healthy mentality or is it just setting brides up for anxiety and disappointment?

Why you shouldn't go on a diet for your wedding

I started looking at wedding dresses online not long after we got engaged and told myself week after week that I needed to lose some weight before I went dress shopping. I wanted to feel amazing trying on dresses and it was just after Christmas where I'd put a few pounds on after unashamedly enjoying all the Christmas food. What started as a way to want to lose those extra Christmas pounds turned into an obsessive feeling that left me with a tonne of wedding dress shopping anxiety when an unexpected trip to a dress shop got planned. I wasn't at my 'target weight' so how could a possibly go dress shopping yet? The truth is if I had have reached that arbitrary target that I set myself I still wouldn't have been happy, I'd have been telling myself that another couple of pounds would be even better. 

Wanting to lose weight, or not, is a very personal choice but there's something about weddings and the diet culture that go hand in hand and create a beast set on ruining what should be a happy time. Shedding or shredding for the wedding has become a huge thing, I'm sure many of us U.K. brides have seen that Home Bargains water bottle doing the rounds with 'shedding for the wedding' plastered on the side. I own that bottle but only because I drink a lot of water with it been a liter bottle it's easy to track. Also shedding for the wedding became a bit of a joke in our house when Josh, my fiance, said how much he hated the phrase! But in all seriousness it's a big thing for a lot of brides.

Now I'm not here to tell you what you should and shouldn't be doing, of course do whatever makes you happy. I'm simply airing my thoughts on the subject and offering a word of warning to anyone losing weight specifically for their wedding which after running some polls on Instagram it would appear that more brides than not are dieting for their wedding among those same brides, nearly half told me they felt like they had to lose weight before shopping for their dress and a small percentage even told me that dieting/shedding had got in the way of enjoying wedding planning. So I'm just here to highlight that dieting specifically for your wedding doesn't need to be done, it's more often than not unsustainable and can lead down a dark road of it never quite been enough. When it's effecting your happiness and what should be a fun time then there's a problem.

Much like there's pressure to have a bikini or summer body there seems to be this pressure to diet for your wedding that can honestly make brides feel awful about themselves. I have nothing against wanting to make a lifestyle change and if your wedding is the kick up the butt you need to make some changes then great, but dieting specifically for your wedding just doesn't feel right to me. Your partner proposed to you the way you are so drastic changes really aren't needed! Interestingly during the polls I ran, less brides said they'd be exercising than brides who said they'd be dieting which also set off a few alarm bells for me. Moving more is definitely the healthier and more sustainable option than dieting. I find that I can't restrict what I'm eating or I end up just wanting more unhealthy options more often but recently I have been making an effort to move more whether that be jogging or even just walking just to make sure I'm moving my body and using it to its full potential.

I think it's safe to say after my blip earlier in the year, I'm not going to be dieting specifically for my wedding (or at all for that matter) because I just made my anxiety sky rocket. I've already bought my dress and I feel amazing in it! I hope that all those lovely brides who told me that dieting for their wedding was getting in the way of enjoying planning, and anyone reading this that also feels like that, remembers that this is a special time in your life, don't let a number on the scales or a size label in a dress dictate your happiness. If you've reached that point, walk away from the diet, it's honestly not worth it.

What are your thoughts on dieting for your wedding? Let me know in the comments.

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