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I suppose we should start with a couple of introductions really shouldn’t we? I’m Lauren aka The Thrifty Bride.

I’m getting married in August 2020 after my partner of 11 years, Josh proposed in December 2018. Very early on in planning both of us became extremely disillusioned with the world of weddings and just how much anything associated with weddings costs. We’d looked at a couple of venues around us and packages (so ceremony, wedding breakfast, reception with evening food) ranged from around £4,000 to £10,000 that was money neither of us wanted to spend on one day and be shoehorned into a traditional package that everyone has. It felt like a completely unnecessary amount of money for a wedding that didn’t reflect us a couple. Keep in mind there’d still be outfits, decorations, rings etc to buy after this initial cost too. Neither of us are very traditional and neither of us were comfortable with the cost of a wedding. We basically just wanted to marry each other because we’ve been together a long time and we wanted to share a fun, love filled day with people close to us and we didn’t need the backdrop of a hotel or country house to do that. So we took a step back thought about what was important to us which ultimately was just being married to each other and having a fun time doing it. That’s when we settled on a registry office wedding and a non-traditional evening reception. We aren’t having a formal sit down meal and the wedding is very much on a budget with lots of DIY elements.

From that point on I’ve fully thrown myself into finding ways to cut the costs of our wedding while still having our dream day. I enjoy nothing more than finding an idea I want at our wedding then thinking about how I can do it cheaper. Luckily Josh is very creative and is fully on-board with my DIY plans, I have the ideas, he’ll be bringing them to life! He actually designed all the graphics for The Thrifty Bride so our blog header and Instagram logo were all designed by Josh!

I’m a firm believer that you can have your dream wedding on a small budget. So The Thrifty Bride is for all the people in the same mind as me, all the people that don’t want to throw thousands of pounds at one day, for all the people who are DIY-ing their way to their wedding, for people throwing tradition out of the window. I’ll be sharing my wedding planning journey but also helping out other budget couples with ideas on how to cut down the cost of a wedding. Our motto is simple ‘nothing fancy just love’ and it’s a motto we strongly believe weddings should be about.

I’ve actually been blogging for 8 years now, I have a lifestyle blog Laureny Loves... that you’re more than welcome to check out. It’s a little odd starting a blog from scratch but I’ve got big plans for The Thrifty Bride and if I can help just one budget bride realise she can have her dream day then I’ll be happy!

Where else to find The Thrifty Bride

Why not head on over to our Instagram? We’ve started a brand new account just for TTB and it’d be great to have your support, we try to post daily on stories and on the grid. They’ll be lots of advice, quotes, personal bits from our own wedding planning, DIY’s (when we get around to them) and budget wedding finds so come and follow our wedding journey over there. Basically as we get further into wedding planning the more the account will grow so it’d be great to have you along for the ride!

We’re also on Pinterest. Over on TTB we’ve created a number of boards all in-keeping with not only the vision for our own wedding but also the ethos we try to plan by and inspire others ‘nothing fancy just love’. They’ll be no big Pinterest trends on their so if your looking for a Pinterest perfect, trend filled wedding you won’t find it on our boards. What you will find is a range of ideas that can easily be DIY-ed, wedding dresses for under £600, budget venues, unique ideas and advice on keeping costs down. So if that sounds like a place you could get inspired by pop over and join us!
We hope to see you around!

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