WED2B Rotherham Review

On Sunday I went wedding dress shopping for the first time. Being a budget bride, WED2B had been on my radar for a while so I went to my nearest store which is the Rotherham store and here's how I found the experience.

Before the visit

When we first got engaged I saw a beautiful dress on the WED2B site, for months I kept returning to that dress and I'd even shown quite a few people pictures of it to which everyone said it was beautiful and definitely my kind of dress. I'd absolutely set my heart on that dress, I couldn't see myself going for anything else. I did start to panic that it would go out of stock though before I went shopping so I would regularly check the site. Last week I checked and the dress was gone, I contacted WED2B on Facebook who told me the dress was now very limited and not available in any WED2B stores near me. I was beyond gutted, as far as I was concerned that was going to be my wedding dress and I kicked myself for not going sooner. I will offer this bit of advice about WED2B, try a dress as soon as possible because they're all off the peg and they aren't around for long. So I was back at square one. I then went back on the site and made a list of all the dresses I liked that were in my price range, I had 14 dresses on my list and I planned a trip to my local store at the weekend with my mum.

A lovely bride-to-be on Instagram offered me some great advice, she told me to send my list to WED2B on Facebook on Saturday afternoon then they could stock check the dresses and I'd be able to arrange my list according to the stock check. So that's exactly what I did, however I did not expect the response I got, I'd asked them to stock check two sizes in every dress as I was unsure which I'd need, when they got back to me 13 out of the 14 dresses were out of stock in both sizes at the Rotherham store. I couldn't believe it and it felt like it just wasn't meant to happen. I was so disappointed. Being on a small budget the chances of finding a proper wedding dress (aside from a high street one) in my price range were extremely unlikely. The one dress that was actually in stock wasn't very high up on my list, it was mainly only on there because it was in budget.

We decided still to go to WED2B, with 13 months until the wedding I had plenty of time left but we decided it would be useful to go and try dresses on just so I had an idea of what styles I did and didn't like. So I scrapped the idea of shopping to budget and just decided I'd grab a range of styles and figure out what suited me.

During the visit

We arrived at WED2B around 15 minutes after opening on a Sunday morning at the point there was only one other bridal party in there but in got very busy very quickly. Around 2 hours after we arrived there was a queue for the fitting rooms so I advise getting there for the store opening if you're going on a weekend. On arriving we were greeted by the lovey Megan who had me filling in some basic details on a computer screen such as my address, how many people I'd brought with me and the date of my wedding. She then explained how it worked, basically everything is set out in size order down the rows starting at a size 6, you can pick four dresses at a time and if you want to try another four on after you are more than welcome to but if it's busy you will have to rejoin the queue for a fitting room, she also advised that corset back dresses tend to be true to size so for example I'm a size 10 so I'd need a size 10 corset back dress, but zips and buttons are snug so she advised to go up a size, I can definitely confirm this is the case, I tried a size 10 zip back and it wouldn't fasten where as size 12 zip backs fitted perfectly. Everything is off the peg so what you try is what you buy (if you are buying of course).

I then set about picking out 4 dresses, seen as this was supposed to be just about trying different styles I of course had to grab one of the biggest gowns I could find, there was no way for a registry office wedding I would buy I big princess gown but you have to try one on (you can see what it looked like in the photo below)! When I'd selected my first four dresses I was shown to the fitting room, there are long sofa benches outside of the changing rooms for people in your party to sit on and the fitting rooms are really big with a large mirror covering the back wall. The assistant comes into the changing room with you to get the dresses off the hangers and fasten them up for you, I ended up with Megan again and she instantly made me feel at ease. I'd got quite wound up about trying on dresses prior to my visit but I just felt super relaxed around Megan, she was easy to talk to and we had a good laugh about how there definitely isn't a graceful way to get out of a wedding dress! The first dress was lovely but it just didn't feel like the one which was fine so I got into the second dress and this time I feel in love, the detailing was absolutely amazing, next I tried on a dress that couldn't have been any more unflattering if it tried so that quickly came off as we all agreed, Megan included, that it did absolutely nothing for my figure, then came the big gown. I'm actually really glad I had the experience of trying on a big dress even though it definitely wasn't for me as I couldn't even walk in it, 8 layers of material and an underskirt made moving difficult! At this point I cheated the 4 dress system slightly as I asked for a dress on a mannequin to be size checked and they took it off and let me try it on (probably because it still wasn't overly busy). I really loved the dress on the mannequin and knew that that one along with the second dress I tried on were completely my style. Megan let me have a little longer in the mannequin dress then suggested I put dress number 2 back on to compare and maybe try it with an underskirt which I did but I quickly whipped the underskirt off as I preferred it without.
I asked them to keep dress 2 to one side so they filled my name card out with all the details and costs and put it to one side so no one else would be able to try it on. I had every intention of trying some more dresses on but as I headed back down the aisles I was completely distracted and couldn't pick another dress out. We asked another lovely member of staff if it would be O.K. to pop somewhere for a coffee to think about dress 2, she recommended a beautiful cafe just across the road and assured us the dress was still set aside for me and no one else would be able to get it. After a cuppa and some cake we headed back to WED2B and I tried dress 2 on again. At this point all the changing rooms were full so they let me use the bridesmaid changing rooms as they were empty. The third try on confirmed what I already knew, dress 2 was the dress for me!

I couldn't have been any happier with my WED2B experience, Megan was absolutely lovely, made me feel relaxed was super honest and made the day memorable, what was shaping up to be quite a negative experience before I got to the store turned into a wonderful experience when I bought my wedding dress! I highly recommend that any bride on a small budget visits WED2B, their dress are absolutely beautiful and amazing quality without the huge boutique price tag.

I'd love to hear other brides stories of WED2B, let me know if you found your dream dress in a WED2B store in the comments!

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