Our Story

After covering a bit about what the Thrifty Bride is and how we got to this point I thought I’d share mine and Josh’s story including the proposal. Who doesn’t love a good love story? Grab a cuppa though because we’ve been together over 11 years so there’s a lot to fit in here!

In the beginning

Josh and I met at college all the way back in December 2007. I was 16 he was 18 and I’d seen him hanging around college a few times, embarrassingly one of the times being when I had really loud hiccups and he just laughed at me. Anyway my tutor group had been planning events to raise money for charity and my little group had set up a chocolate fountain, as it was around Christmas we’d donned our Christmas outfits and of course the girls had gone for sexy Santa outfits because what teenage girl in her first year at college wouldn’t think that’s hilarious?! So there I was stinking of chocolate in a Santa dress and the same boy kept coming over and buying chocolate, I whispered to my friend that I’d seen him around and really liked him and the next thing I knew she was across the other side of the canteen asking if I could have his number. I nearly died of embarrassment but he said yes!

After a few days of texting and talking on MySpace (weren’t those the glory days?!) he presented me with a bottle of cherry coke and a bag of Maltesers as a Christmas present as I’d mentioned on my MySpace profile that they were my favourite things. A giant teddy bear that I had to carry around to all my classes came later on as well. That evening he asked me to be his girlfriend so the 18th December 2007 became the first official day of our adventure together.

The middle 

The middle years whizzed by in a blur of finishing college, moving to uni together and then moving back to our separate homes after uni. We went on holidays and mini-breaks together and in 2015 we managed to go on our absolute dream trip to Walt Disney World, something we’d wanted to do for a long time. With each passing year and each big event such as moving in together at uni I still couldn’t quite believe I’d been so lucky to spend so long with someone. When we’d both finally secured stable jobs after university we took the big decision to start saving to buy a house, it was the next natural thing to do given we’d already lived together for 3 years. In February 2016 we bought our first home and in August 2016 we finally moved in to the house we still live in today, our perfect little home with our two cats who come along just a couple of weeks after moving in together. We’d already had numerous discussion around the fact that neither of us wants kids so at this point with us two and two fur babies our little family was complete and I couldn’t have been happier! 

Naturally when your having conversations about buying houses and not having kids the talk of marriage came up. Being married wasn’t super important to me but at the same time I sort of couldn’t imagine not getting married at some point. Josh on the other hand wasn’t fussed, he had the thinking of by this point we’d been together 9 years a wedding doesn’t change anything and we were happy as we were. I completely saw his point and after a while I accepted that maybe we’d just never get married, it’s just a piece of paper at the end of the day and we were completely happy as we were. Marriage just wasn’t in Josh’s life plan and I accepted that, I loved him and it was fine.

The engagement

2 years passed of us living together and December 2018 rolled around, we were less than a week away from our 11th anniversary and 2 weeks away from my absolute favourite time of the year, Christmas! A few days earlier Josh had said he’d managed to arrange a surprise, not being one to let things drop I began to guess and Josh is so bad at keeping things a surprise he just told me. He’d managed to get us backstage tickets for a Paul McCartney concert in Liverpool. We’re huge McCartney fans and we’d already been to a fair few of his concerts and we’d been backstage once before at the Echo arena in Liverpool but this time we were hoping to meet Brian Ray, the guitarist in McCartney's band as Josh has actually done some work for him before and we've missed him at previous gigs. As it got closer to the time I asked Josh if he thought 'Wonderful Chistmastime' would be played as it's always been my favourite Christmas song right from being a child before I even knew who Paul McCartney was! I've actually being lucky enough to see him play it live before a few years ago but I was desperate to see it again. When Josh said he thought it might be played, I jokingly said something along the lines of 'oh you should propose when it's on!' It was a complete joke because I really didn't think at this point Josh would propose and I didn't think at a concert would be his style.

Anyway backstage at the concert we finally managed to meet Brian and he asked if he could get a photo of us which looking back I found a little odd but I went with it, then he said he was going to get a video I knew Josh had been speaking to him in the run up to the concert so I assumed he’d asked him about getting some vlog footage or something as we have a YouTube channel and we were vlogging at the concert. The next thing I knew, Josh was down on one knee asking me to marry him! I was in complete and utter shock but I just about managed to get the word 'yes' out! It turns out Josh had asked Brian if he'd help him out with the proposal as well which was amazing as Brian has a few solo albums himself and his first album is one Josh and I played constantly in our first year together and it’s been a favourite of ours since. 

I know a lot of people are shocked by their engagement but I genuinely was, Josh had spent years protesting against marriage so for him to propose after 11 years was huge!

Would I have wanted Josh to propose sooner? Actually no. Personally I’ve found that spending so long together before the proposal made it feel even more special. We know each other and are comfortable with each other in a way that you’re just not a couple of years into a relationship however much it might feel like you are.

The next chapter

So begins our next adventure. We’re getting married in August 2020 and I can’t wait for this new beginning.

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