Is social media ruining your wedding?

Just a small disclaimer before we start, The Thrifty Bride is a safe space for budget brides, for brides who don’t believe in throwing thousands of pounds at one day, for brides going against tradition and for brides planning the day they truly want not based on its Instagram-ability or to look Pinterest perfect. This is not a personal attack on anyone’s style of wedding, it’s just one brides view on how out of hand wedding planning can get when social media is involved.

How to not let social media get in the way of your wedding

Pinterest perfect

When I got engaged I had a wedding Pinterest board that I’d had for years, it was full of every kind of Pinterest perfect wedding you could imagine. From pimp your Prosecco bars to gin carts, teepees to rustic barns, tribes of bridesmaids in beautiful dresses and just about every Pinterest wedding trend you could image such as flip flops, blankets and chalkboard welcome signs. I continued to pin the same things and filled my board up more and more with this images. Meanwhile I was being bombarded with sponsored content on Facebook for photographers costing thousands, videographers, country houses and halls, wedding fairs and every fancy hotel imaginable. 

Nothing fancy just love

The more I saw the more I become unhappy with wedding planning. I didn’t have thousands to spend on a wedding and more to the point I didn’t want to spend thousands on a wedding, sure I could spend years saving but what for? For one day of my life. It just didn’t sit right with me or with Josh but these wedding trends were everywhere, would I be doing something wrong if I didn’t have them at my wedding? Enough was enough when Josh and I sat down and decided to plan the wedding we really wanted. We wouldn’t be spending a tonne of cash and we wouldn’t be saving for years for one day, it wasn’t us at all. We’d be planning the wedding we truly wanted on a small budget because we just wanted to be married to each other. The Thrifty Bride motto of ‘nothing fancy just love’ truly sums up our wedding.

Goodbye wedding social media

The day we decided to do things our way is the day I deleted pretty much my entire Pinterest board and re-evaluated the wedding accounts I was following on Instagram. If it didn’t fit in with my vision and values it was gone. I sat and thought about how truly insignificant the things were that I thought I wanted at my wedding all the flip flops for ‘dancing feet’ were gone, the blankets ‘to have and to hold incase you get cold’ were gone, gin and Prosecco bars all gone. I honestly don’t mean to offend anyone here but the stuff on Pinterest is very often not unique at all, the wedding I was pinning was just a carbon copy of every other wedding you see these days. It was impersonal, lacked imagination and didn’t represent us as a couple. I was honestly fed up of seeing the same thing everywhere and yes I’m afraid that extends to DIY wedding accounts and their baskets of flip flops! I wanted our day to look completely different to anyone else’s, a day that truly represents what we love not what looks good in an Instagram photo and not what everyone else is doing just because it’s a social media trend.

Doing things our way

Since deleting my Pinterest wedding board and starting again I couldn’t be happier with wedding planning. I truly believe the social media can have a negative impact on your wedding when your surrounded my people doing the same thing over and over again and your seeing the same things all the time it can make you question whether your day will be good enough. I’m definitely past all that now and I’m excited that our day will be unique and done the way we want it to be. But just know if you’re struggling that your day does not need to look like a Pinterest wedding to be perfect, a day that really represents both of you is a perfect day, a day done exactly how you want it is a perfect day and a day that doesn’t look like something Pinterest throw up on will probably be more perfect than anything you can imagine! It’s your wedding, do it your way.

The Thrifty Bride Pinterest

As some of you might know TTB is on Pinterest. We've created a range of boards that all fit in with what we're trying to do and that's inspire brides who are on a budget. That means all the wedding dresses we featured are under £600, we seek out budget venues, decoration ideas that could easily be DIY-ed, alternative weddings and more.

Social media can be great for inspiration and there really are some unique ideas out there but don’t let it completely dictate your day.

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