I said yes to the dress!

If you've read my WED2B Rotherham review then you'll have gathered that I've bought my wedding dress. I'm just so excited about it that I had to write a separate blog post about saying yes to the dress.

After finding out WED2B didn't have any of the dresses I liked within my budget in stock in my size, I had no intention of buying a dress when we visited WED2B in Rotherham. I'd made a list of 14 dresses and from that list only one was in stock and it was a dress that was pretty much at the bottom of my list so I wasn't even fussed about trying that one on really. I headed to WED2B with the intention of just figuring out what styles I did and didn't like. Whilst in the store grabbing my first 4 dresses I didn't pay too much attention to the price tag I just picked up dresses I thought looked nice, after all I wouldn't be buying so the price tag really wasn't important. 

The second dress I tried on really struck a chord with me, the detailing was absolutely amazing even out of the 4 dresses I'd picked to try on first the second dress was by far the most detailed and I couldn't get over how beautiful it looked. When I put it on I fell in love. I felt like a princess and everything about it was really me. I tried on 3 more dresses after this and then put the second dress on again, that's when I was pretty sure I'd fallen for the dress. I dared to sneak a peak at the price tag only to discover it was within budget, I couldn't believe it! 

Seen as it's a fairly big decision to make and not one I'd planned on making with 14 months to go until the wedding we decided to head to a coffee shop to think it over, the fact I couldn't even focus on picking out another 4 dresses to try on so didn't bother should have told me everything I needed to know though! Dress number 2 was set aside for me so no one else could snap it up whilst I mulled things over with the help of a cuppa and some cake. 

I'd pretty much made my mind up when we headed back to WED2B but I asked if I could try the dress on one last time just to be sure. I already had a suspicion that the dress had been on some form of my wedding dress list at some point in time (but I'd looked at so many online and then I was surrounded by them in store so it all blurred into one) so I had a look at the name of the dress on the tag when I tried it on for a third time and was shocked to discover it was the dress I'd put right at the bottom of the list and after finding out it was the only one from my list in stock deciding I wasn't that fussed about trying it on. It honestly looks so much more beautiful in real life, the website image doesn't truly show the gorgeous colour of it and a lot of the lovely details on it don't show up online either. I couldn't believe how different and how much more beautiful it looked in real life. I was fastened up and I stepped out of the dressing room in the dress for the third time and beamed when I said "this is the one".

My beautiful dress is now hung up in my wardrobe and I just want to look at it every day. Seeing it in natural light at home rather than shop lighting made me fall even deeper in love with it because it's just fabulous. I can't wait to wear it on my wedding day and feel like a true princess.

I haven't shared the name of the dress in case anyone I know looks it up but I will say it's actually classed as a blush pink dress. At first glance it's really not what you'd think of when you think of pink (not even when you think of blush pink) but it's much more flattering to my pale skin then white. The top has beautiful sequin detailing that catches the light and shimmers wonderfully (which of course didn't show up on the website) and the tulle skirt is sprinkled with a hint of glitter that sparkles perfectly and really makes me feel like a Disney princess (another detail that doesn't show up on the website. The top has stunning floral lace that trickles down onto the tulle skirt and it's a button back fastening.

Have you said 'yes to the dress' yet? Let me know in the comments.

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