How to overcome wedding dress anxiety

When it comes to wedding dress shopping most brides will feel nervous, a big part of the whole wedding planning experience. But what happens when you start to worry about how you’ll look in wedding dresses or wondering if you’ll ever find the right one? Today we’re going to look at some helpful tips to overcome wedding dress anxiety.

tips for beating wedding dress anxiety

When I planned an unexpected trip to go wedding dress shopping for the first time I felt really nervous but excited. With the whole wedding being on a budget I’d originally planned to buy a high street dress but when it came down to it I really wanted the wedding dress shopping experience so I decided if I stuck to places like WED2B who offer much more budget friendly options then I’d be fine. I planned a trip with my mum and couldn’t wait to try dresses on for the first time. After the initial excitement though I began to absolutely tear myself about, I hated the thought of how I’d look in a wedding dress, I wasn’t the target weight I’d told myself I should be before I went dress shopping. All the initial excitement was gone. The other issue was that a dress I’d convinced myself would be the one was now no longer in stock at WED2B, I couldn’t see myself in any other dress especially feeling the way I did. The next day I gave myself a good talking to and took on board advice I’d read from other regarding wedding dress shopping as well as trying to readjust my thinking back to being more confident with how I feel about myself.

The right wedding dress is out there

Don’t worry about how many dresses you’re trying on. If you’ve tried lots of dresses on and still haven’t found the one, that is perfectly OK. There are so many shops out there and one of them will have the right one for you. Take a break from wedding dress shopping and think about elements you didn’t like in previous dresses and elements you did like and create a list after a break from wedding dress shopping hit some new shops with your lists to help you look for dresses that contain your perfect elements and I guarantee you’ll find your dress. Sometimes a break does you good, if you’re stressing about it remove yourself from that situation for a little while.

Try on a wide variety of styles

This is the top advice from anyone you speak to. Styles you think you’ll love may not look as good as you thought and styles you haven’t thought about might look amazing. If it’s your first time wedding dress shopping or your struggling to find the one go for a big mix of styles and listen to the assistants recommendations too. They do this daily they have a better idea of what looks good and what doesn’t. When I went to WED2B I’d picked out a wide range of dresses from their website before hand and I’d got everything of there from tea length dresses to figure hugging column dresses and fish tail gowns.

Don’t stress about being the perfect weight

The truth is you’re never going to be the perfect weight. Once you reach one target you’ll start thinking along the lines of “well maybe I should just lose a couple of more pounds” you’ll never be happy and it’s a really unhealthy mindset. Trust me I went down this very slippery slope which is why I ended up beating myself up about wedding dress shopping. I stupidly told myself I wouldn’t go dress shopping until I was a certain weight so when this impromptu trip came up and I wasn’t the weight I’d set myself I just ended up feeling like rubbish. Get healthier if you want to sure, but don’t set yourself a target based on a number on the scales. I think there’s definitely more to be said a lot this so I may do a whole post of ‘shredding for the wedding’ culture.

Don’t take too many people

If you’re already feeling nervous and unsure then having loads of opinions flung at you won’t help. Too many cooks spoil the broth and all that. The more people you take the more different opinions you’ll get which ultimately will just confuse things. Be selective about who you take, three people would be ideal, four at a push. Once you’ve bought the dress you can always invite others to come and see it at your house or at a fitting with the understanding that you’ve bought the dress now and they’re not there to offer an opinion on it. It may seem a little harsh but it’s all about trying to keep the experience fun and drama free!

Ultimately only your opinion matters

It’s your dress and your wedding day so ultimately how happy and comfortable you feel in a dress is all that matters. Absolutely do not bother with advice on what styles people think you should wear based on your body shape because that’s a load of rubbish. If you feel happy and confident then that’s all that matters. Sure other can offer advice and opinions but you really don’t have to listen if you’ve fallen in love with a dress. It’s your wedding day and you should do what you want.

Finally, just have fun!

Dress shopping should be all part of the wedding planning fun and the excitement you feel in the run up to your wedding. Don't stress and worry and just see at and a happy experience that will create more wonderful wedding memories.

If you have any tips for overcoming wedding dress anxiety then let us know in the comments!

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