Why shedding for the wedding isn't all that healthy

When you start planning your wedding many brides have the same thought that goes along the lines of 'oh I'd definitely like to lose some weight before the wedding'. When all eyes are on the bride in her dress it's hard not to feel the pressure to look your absolute best, but is shedding for the wedding really a healthy mentality or is it just setting brides up for anxiety and disappointment?

Why you shouldn't go on a diet for your wedding

4 reasons why we're not having a traditional wedding

I've always known, should the day ever come, that I wouldn't want a traditional wedding. That level of fuss and formality just isn't me at all. When Josh proposed in December I knew he'd feel the exact same way too. When we started planning we both agreed we wanted a small, simple wedding for as little money as possible and without the stuffiness and tradition. There's a lot of things that you'd expect to see at a wedding that aren't happening at ours and here's why.

Our non traditional, small budget wedding

7 tips for shopping at WED2B

With around 40 stores up and down the U.K it's fair to say WED2B is on many a brides radar when it comes to wedding dress shopping. With super affordable dresses at a fraction of the price compared to what you'd pay in a boutique store and all dresses been of the peg it's a fuss free way of dress shopping not to mention a budget brides dream. WED2B has been in my sight since I got engaged in December and when I recently visited my local store I made sure to carefully think about my experience and come up with some tips for if you're planning on visiting a WED2B store too.

How to get the best out of wedding dress shopping at WED2B

I said yes to the dress!

If you've read my WED2B Rotherham review then you'll have gathered that I've bought my wedding dress. I'm just so excited about it that I had to write a separate blog post about saying yes to the dress.

6 wedding traditions you don't need to stick to

There are many features that come to mind when you think about a traditional wedding but what if tradition just isn't you? Should you stick to the old fashioned way of doing things just because that's what most people do? Absolutely not! Your wedding should represent you and your partner and tradition doesn't often leave room for much individuality. We aren't having a traditional wedding at all because stuffy, out of date ideas aren't what we wanted at all so we're doing things our way. Here are 6 wedding traditions you absolutely don't have to stick to, alternatives and what we're doing instead.

Wedding traditions that you don't need to stick to

WED2B Rotherham Review

On Sunday I went wedding dress shopping for the first time. Being a budget bride, WED2B had been on my radar for a while so I went to my nearest store which is the Rotherham store and here's how I found the experience.

How to overcome wedding dress anxiety

When it comes to wedding dress shopping most brides will feel nervous, a big part of the whole wedding planning experience. But what happens when you start to worry about how you’ll look in wedding dresses or wondering if you’ll ever find the right one? Today we’re going to look at some helpful tips to overcome wedding dress anxiety.

tips for beating wedding dress anxiety

Was my engagement really a surprise?

After 11 years together Josh proposed in December 2018 but after so long did I really not see it coming?

Is social media ruining your wedding?

Just a small disclaimer before we start, The Thrifty Bride is a safe space for budget brides, for brides who don’t believe in throwing thousands of pounds at one day, for brides going against tradition and for brides planning the day they truly want not based on its Instagram-ability or to look Pinterest perfect. This is not a personal attack on anyone’s style of wedding, it’s just one brides view on how out of hand wedding planning can get when social media is involved.

How to not let social media get in the way of your wedding

Our Story

After covering a bit about what the Thrifty Bride is and how we got to this point I thought I’d share mine and Josh’s story including the proposal. Who doesn’t love a good love story? Grab a cuppa though because we’ve been together over 11 years so there’s a lot to fit in here!

Welcome to The Thrifty Bride

I suppose we should start with a couple of introductions really shouldn’t we? I’m Lauren aka The Thrifty Bride.